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  • A Simple Flash Preloader

    Learn how to create a very simple preloader for your flash files. This article is done in Flash 5 but also applies to Flash 4. The preloader is essential to prevent partial loading of the movie while it plays. A preloader is usually made attractive t...
  • Drop down menu

    This tutorial shows a simple but dynamic way of creating a drop-down style menu using flash animation. It creates stunning and versatile effect, which can be used with frames pages or single pages with tables, etc.
  • Blur Effect

    This interactive Flash tutorial will show you how to make text or symbols to have a blur like effect. It is basically showing a shadow/trail type of effect.
  • Smoke Effect in Flash

    Learn to create a great smoke effect in flash using Blur filter.
  • Flash - Blur Effect with Easing Tutorial

    This tutorial will teach you how to create a great flash blur effect with easing on mouse over.
  • AGI Training Flash Tutorials

    Discover techniques and ways to work more efficiently and creatively with these Flash tutorials.
  • Flash CS6 HTML5 Tutorial

    Learn how to use the 'Toolkit for CreateJS’ extension for Flash CS6 to create an HTML5 animation from Flash.
  • Flash CS6 Tutorial

    Create a simple animation to learn the basics of Flash CS6 with this tutorial.
  • GChat Flash Window Componenet

    GChat Flash Window Component is designed to be used straight away in any Flash project which requires a fully featured window. Once dragged and dropped onto a stage, it is ready to go straight away.
  • Table Engine in ActionScript 3

    Table Enigne for easy making of data forms, data view, grids and tables in easy use like Tables in HTML that can contains any type of Flash DisplayObject. Written in ActionScript 3.