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Deploying HTML5

Provides a comprehensive look at the HTML 5 standard as implemented by the top 5 browsers i.e. Opera, Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari. It covers HTML 5 Structure, Semantics, SVG/MathML, WebForms, Canvas, Native Drag & Drop, Browser History Management, Inline Document Editing, Cross Document/Domain Messaging, Offline Applications Caching & WebDatabases, Audio & Video & Related Tools, GeoLocation, Local & Session Storage, Server Side Events, Workers...

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HTML5 Now: A Step-by-Step Video Tutorial for Getting Started Today

HTML5 has captured the attention of web designers and developers worldwide. Browsers like Firefox and Safari, and numerous mobile devices (Apple iPhone, Google Android, Palm Pre) all have some support for HTML5 - but it's not obvious what you can use. That's where this video and booklet step in. It delivers a solid introduction to HTML5 and how to get started today. The video and booklet provide instruction, examples, and explanations to get star...

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HTML5: Designing Rich Internet Applications

Implement the powerful new multimedia and interactive capabilities offered by HTML5, including style control tools, illustration tools, video, audio, and rich media solutions. Reinforce your practical understanding of the new standard with demo applications and tutorials, so that execution is one short step away.

Understand how HTML5 is changing the Web development game with HTML5: Visualizing the Web; the book gives you a full-col...

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Introducing HTML5 (Voices That Matter)

HTML5 is coming, and it’s time to get acquainted. Written by developers who are interested in building things, this practical book shows you how to use the language in ways you can apply starting today. Rather than being an academic investigation, it concentrates on the problems HTML5 can already solve. Parts of the spec that are still evolving or not yet implemented are discussed in context. Through hands-on examples you’ll discover what HTM...

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HTML5: Up and Running

If you don't know about the new features available in HTML5, now's the time to find out. The latest version of this markup language is going to significantly change the way you develop web applications, and this book provides your first real look at HTML5's new elements and attributes.

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