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AppletFile is a set of Java applets that can be used to enhance file upload and download capabilities on your Web site. Using standard Web browsers, users can upload and download multiple files using predefined paths to automate the process as much as possible. AppletFile is firewall-friendly because it is based on HTTP protocols such as RFC 1867. Version 5.0 is Java 1.5 compatible, runs in stealth mode, allows uploading and downloading without prompting user, deletes files from client machine after uploading to server.
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JFS is a simple, TCP/IP based network filesystem protocol. It allows applets running in a web browser to load and save files on a remote server, as well as send email and print documents through the JFS server. Because Java applets cannot access the filesystem of the machine they are running on, this provides a useful way for applets to store state information.
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Results 41-42 of 42