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PHP-Lance, is a full customizable Freelance Marketplace (with multilanguage support, multiple skins support etc.)! The script has a lot of advanced customization option (this can be found in the admin area) which can be used to integrate the script into your website design (layout) and adjust to your preferences. You don't have to know programming to be able to make this kind of changes, you don't even have to open a file.
(18 ratings)
PriceUSD 349.95
Php Jobsite
Software Overview: * run your own job software website or integrated into your corporate site * control the software from everywhere you are using a browser and internet connection * use multilingual options to display the language of your clients/users * with some HTML and CSS knowledge you can change the template and have unique look and feel for clients/users * Planning/Membership options - create plans for employer recruitment (jobs to post, featured jobs to post, resumes to contact), create free plans for limited periods or allow unlimited access (free site) * Ecommerce - process Credit Card payments automatically with integrated payment gateways (Paypal, 2checkout,, worldpay...etc. * display your jobs on other sites with Advanced Cross Networking - RSS Feed, javascript or iframe
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PriceUSD 299.00
EMPRIS Resume Management System
EMPRIS is a platform and DB-independent method for receiving job or volunteer application online and subsequently evaluating and managing them. Developed by Oxfam Australia for the <a href="">Humanitarian Relief Register</a>.
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posted byaxioninEmployment
phProfession is a PHP script for companies to post jobs available on the web, allowing potential employees to browse - much like It is all contained in one source for fast speed and easy modification.
(6 ratings)
Results 81-84 of 84