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ADTRACK Professional
ADTRACK Professional is a complete click fraud tracking & reporting system. Features Include: PDF Reports,CSV Reports,Instant E-mail Notification of Click Fraud,IP Exception List,IP History Lookup Feature,IP Address Administrative Contact Lookup. ADTRACK Professional costs only �99.00 and is a one-off payment. There are no re-ocurring charges. We do not limit you to the amount of clicks or URLS that you can monitor.
(3 ratings)
PriceGBP 79.00
PHP Click Counter - simple, secure, FREE!
Looking for a way to track link clicks or file downloads? CCount is easy to install and use, secure, has a fully-featured admin panel that makes managing links and viewing statistics a breeze, doesn't require MySQL and yes, it is completely FREE!
(2260 ratings)
Click count
This is the only link trading system you will ever need. It is designed to send the same amount of visitors to your affiliates as they send you. If they send you 10 visitors, their link is shown on your website until you send them 10 visitors back. Once you send them the 10 visitors back their link is taken down until they send you another visitor. Some other features include: A color coded admin panel to easily browse accounts, visitor fraud protection, add/subtract hits from an account, higher traffic trades are shown at the top of the list, the entire script is the size of a small image so it won't bog down your sites resources, and much more!
(3 ratings)
PriceUSD 10.00
Click Tracker module for ActualAnalyzer Lite/Pro/Gold/Server
Click Tracker is a powerful link-tracking module for monitoring and analyzing click statistics. Click Tracker stores full information about clicks on the specified links of your website and provides full spectrum reports with essential information to achieve effective marketing and advertising. Click Tracker allows you to check the effectiveness of current links of your website and will help you find the most effective directions for your investments.
(81 ratings)
ROI Tracking Pro
Wandering how to turn your visitors into customers? Curious how to calculate the return on your online advertising investment? Looking for clicks and downloads counter? Feel curious to determine your top popular pages list? The ROI Tracking Pro will be at your service, providing you with complete and clear statistic reports on any issue, concerning your site attendance and profitability. Check it now!
(33 ratings)
PriceUSD 99.95
Track the click history of any of your site links with this versatile and easy to use script. A detailed report is always available from the administration control panel so that you can monitor the progress of your visitors� clicks in real time. Daily, weekly and monthly clicks are logged for each link, together with an overall total and daily average. All link and site details can be modified from the control panel, where you can also configure e-mail notifications of current click totals.
(0 ratings)
PriceUSD 16.00
Access Clicks Counter
This is a link click counter script written in PHP. It includes a password protected admin script for viewing the click results. Uses a text file for data handling.
(9 ratings)
Results 21-27 of 27