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    HAWHAW stands for HTML and WML Hybrid Adapted Webserver and is a PHP class library for universal mobile applications. HAWHAW supports output of the following markup languages: HTML, XHTML, WML, cHTML (iMode), VoiceXML and MML.
  • Momail

    Get your e-mail anywhere you go. With Momail you can simply read your mail from any mail-server on any wap enabled device. A single file does it all. Some features are: multiple number of providers, IMAP and POP3 both secure and non-secure, any wap 1...
  • W-mail

    WAP based email system that connects either via POP3 or IMAP. Free version allows browsing all emails contained with in the INBOX of an IMAP or POP3 local email account. The commercial version allows connection to remote mail servers and reply to / ...
  • CsCP WapSite

    This module was originaly designed for CsCPortal™, but after some period it was able to download as a separate script.

    This script let you have a very nice and comfortable Wap site. It has many functions, such are: News system, File s...
  • Hazard WAP Redirection

    Hazard WAP Redirection (formerly known as Spitz WAP Redirection) is a simple script that detects your browser version, whether wap or web, and redirects you to two different pages. It is simple to understand, easy to use and effective.
  • Mobile Application Store script php

    We have developed a PHP Mobile wap autoindex script for download Portal and application store for apps.

    Features of the script is Listed below-

    1. Auto detect Platform & Switch Platform [ Android, java & symbian]
  • PHP Mobile Device Detect

    It is easy to customize it to fit in your code. You can redirect users to mobile content with 3 lines of code!

    Supported devices/operating systems/browsers:

    Android Acer Asus Alcatel Siemens Blackberry HTC HP LG Motorola...
  • PHP Mobile Detector


    -Detects mobile devices by user agent and accept type
    -Detects the mobile type as well (not always available)
    -Mobile types

    The following mobile types are detected:

  • Mobile Website Pro

    This application helps you to create in no time a mobile version of a website. This script supports all major devices like iPhone, Blackberry, Android devices, PSP , PDA’s, Windows mobile, Opera mini devices and other generic devices.

  • PHP Mobile phone detection

    This class is very easy to use and support lots of mobile devices, even the new Mac iPad.