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AXE - Any Xml Editor
posted byX-prestoinPHP
AXE is a very flexible php online XML editor. It's designed to allow anyone to manage complex data without SQL , in fact the .xml itself is a database. The basic idea is to combine an xml parser and a cms, so you can manage a simple xml node content as if it were a wysiwyg editor, a file uploader, a select dropdown, a color picker, an iphone styled switch, even a content separator! What you get is an xml fueled interface that allows to manage rich data without any need for sql. In addition the system uses a classical xml viewer approach, with tabs representing the parent nodes so we can handle very complex nested data. So take a look and invest 5 minutes to read the documentation, because this is a system that could really change the way you work. Think of the possibilities: an online xml editor that works out of the box, ready in 2 minutes and is compatible with any standard xml file.
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PriceUSD 25.00
posted byollymaninPHP
www.graphsearcher.com describes hypergraphs, provides some examples of hypergraphs, and allows users to generate XML that describes hypergraphs from CSV files.
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Results 1-2 of 2