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Invoice Me is an online invoicing system with automatic billing status indicator. With the correct IDs, customers may search their own invoices and view the payment status (with option to hide paid invoices). C/w search, add, edit and delelte admin interface. When creating a new invoice, administrator can opt to email a copy of invoice to customer. Viewers can print the invoices easily through Print Mode. Also features: Auto Reminder which automatically emails late payment notice (at preset intervals) for overdue invoices, and Auto Mailing which bulk-mails newsletters (immediate or delayed) to all or selected customers.

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  • The script itself is pretty average - has some useful features, but I have an issue with float over buttons that change the entire screen layout when you hover over them. More importantly I tried the demo, and now recieve more junk mail from upoint every time someone else trys the demo. I have emailed them several times to remove my address from the database - alas no avail. Today I received 6 junk emails when someone else was testing the application. The bottom line here is don't provide your email address for the demo unless you want more spam each time someone else trys the demo.

  • We did not turn the email feature off in the demo as we want users to see what emails they are getting. However, we do remind users to delete the invoices they added after testing. Also, in the emails, there is a remark explaining why you are getting the demo mails and what you should do in order to stop receiving them. A setting in the script also stop the outstanding payment reminder email from being sent out after 6 times. Finally, we reset all database every few months.

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