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Average Member Rating: 4.53/5

Okay software, but don't count on support.

Reviewed by Anonymous on Mon, 28th September 2009
Rating: 1 - Poor

I have been using Carp for several years now, but 1 year ago I decided to buy Carp Evolution (the paid version, which offers more options).

However since then the owner (Antone Roundy) disappeared completly. Support tickets I have been entering since 4 1/2 months ago remain completely unanswered. Also the forum isn't being looked after. A lot of questions and complaints.

This is very disappointing, cause the software is pretty good. But due to the lack of support, I am thinking of buying different software. Software where you do receive the support you have paid for.

So my advice is: if your looking for a RSS Parser. Get the basic (free) version of Carp. It won't cost you anything. But stay clear of paid products from Geckotribe and Antone Roundy. Cause support from his company or himself is NON-EXISTENT!

I hope I can find a different software solution, where they do give out support!

Nothing But Impressive

Reviewed by Anonymous on Sun, 23rd February 2003
Rating: 5 - Excellent


I've been a webmaster for over five years now and have only just ventured into the world of RRS. I'm 15 and run a popular portal, I expected to have loads of trouble integrating CaRP into my website. But, it took less than 5 minutes to set-up and a mere 15 minutes to get the look I wanted. The script is so simple yet so effective. I would recommend it to anyone.

Have a look at the script in action,

Thanks, I'm impressed!

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