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Not Worth the Money

Reviewed by P. McDonald on Thu, 19th January 2012
Rating: 1 - Poor

If I'd known the issues with this script I would not have bought it. In typical programmer fashion they can't seem to imagine how a customer might want to customize the script so you do not provide an easy way to do so. The convoluted template system is overkill and difficult to navigate. The templates use table based design which means they would all have to be re-built from scratch to be useful (hint: table based design is not compliant with current web standards). They use tags in the mark up: has been deprecated since html 4.01 which was released in 1997 for god's sake. The text is riddled with grammar and spelling errors as well. They need to go back to square one with this script. provide a CSS solution to customize the design, re-code the mark up to modern standards and make the features modular. If someone wants to allow advertising, make that a module they can add. If they want to allow online payment, make it a module to add in rather than dictating what people have on their websites. Easyestaterental is NOT worth $150. At the very least, allow people to download and view this mess of a script before asking them to pay for it.

The skill and commitment exhibited by Mr. Daniel and Mr. Lance exceeded our expectations. Verified

Reviewed by Anonymous on Thu, 24th February 2011
Rating: 5 - Excellent

The skill, commitment, work ethic and patience exhibited by Mr. Daniel and Mr. Lance exceeded our expectations. They overcame every obstacles in the project and finally integrated the classified scripts along with jquery, joomla and did some customizations for us. They were determined to build the website to our satisfaction. Excellent responsiveness and we appreciated the late hours the team put in to ensure that timelines were met.

Very, very pleased with final product.

Reviewed by Anonymous on Mon, 23rd August 2010
Rating: 5 - Excellent

We would definitely use these guys again. Very, very pleased with final product. We had our own development team review all aspects, and we were very impressed. Great work. Quick Turnarround.

Don't judge a book by its flashy cover Verified

Reviewed by Anonymous on Thu, 22nd July 2010
Rating: 2 - Fair

Lack of documentation. There's a very basic installation script and some FAQ's and that's about it. Email templates have to be edited one by one to take their name, link to their website and email addresses out, and there's about 50 of them. Passwords ARE NOT encrypted in the database. There's no previous versions of this software to be found, nor is there any indications that they are working on newer versions. Most of the positive reviews on here are in broken english, so it's easy to tell that they were most likely written by the same person. Support is sub-par. I did get one question answered, but emails since then have gone unanswered. There's no support ticket system, no forums. You are limited to the number of extra fields you can add to a listing, when you do add them there's no clear way to get them to appear on the listing.

easyestaterental Wed, 9th February 2011

Dear Customer, we are sorry for problems you may have encountered. We would like to answer your problems one by one here since we don't know your email address. 1) For passwords, we cannot encrypt those passwords because most of our customers integrate the login process to another 3rd party software products such as joomla, vbulettin, and others. So in order to provide them the ability to integrate the website with other software, they will need to be able to access the password from the database. AND the passwords are secure there since no one can login to your mysql database to steal them. So you will need to make sure that you don't share your mysql password to other people. 2) For the email templates, we provide the standard email templates because most customers will want to customize the email messages they sent to the customer. The email templates we provide here is only to give better idea to customers that they can customize the email templates the way they want it easily using the WYSIWYG editor. And you can always edit the email templates by going to admin panel / website setup / email templates. Please do understand that all commercial software will provide standard email templates which you can customize. 3) For reviews, please do understand that some of our customers are people from non english speaking countries like mexico, spain, portuguese, india, china, and others. And therefore, certainly, they will not be able to speak good english since english is not their mother language. 4) For support ticket, we do have these already. You can go to our website and then click the "contact us / support" link there. All in all, I think you have mis-judge our customer service. We have always replied all inquiries / support request within a timely fashion. Thank you, good luck in your business.

Is there a support "team"? Verified

Reviewed by Anonymous on Fri, 9th July 2010
Rating: 1 - Poor

I purchased this product a couple of weeks ago. It still is not installed correctly. The only time I have gotten any response is to do a support ticket with the payment processing company. This is the most frustrating experience I have had with any software/script. They will not give you a phone number to contact them, so there has been delays of 5 days before anyone responds. I have a second support ticket into the payment processor now. The instructions on the website to not mirror the settings needed to activate the software. It is actually quite annoying with the email confirmations for every photo, update, approval as well. I think it would have been tolerable except the "team" seems to think flipant emails and no answers or support is considered customer service. This could be decent software/script sold and supported by an indecent "team"!

easyestaterental Tue, 20th July 2010

We always respond to our customer email messages even after the customer made the purchase. You can always use our contact form which is available on our website and we also provide free one time installation help for all customers. So this statement is not true since we always provide customer service. And for email notifications, you can always be able to choose which email will be sent by the software by editing the setting.php file there. It is all there, and if you need help, our team will always help you. If you need to ask more question, please don't hesitate to include your order number here so we can contact you directly.

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