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Has potential but...

Reviewed by Anonymous on Thu, 5th January 2006
Rating: 1 - Poor

Authors website is broken and does not display info on this product. I purchased it anyway, was promised e-mail delivery within an hour. It's 12 hours now and I'm still waiting. The demo version on the site is disabled, but there's nothing in it to tell you so. I wasted hours trying to get it to work, only to keep encountering errors. Finally, I actually looked at what it was saving (154 byte file) only to find a message saying to register the product. Thanks for NOTHING!

[email protected] Mon, 6th March 2006

We very regret about you waiting for purchased product. Usualy all purchases processed automatically and emails sent within 20 minutes. For all our customers we can recommend to check out spam filters or contact us on case you will not receive software from us within 30 minutes.

2007: Now we offer secure purchase with instant download

Awesome ! I use it every single day !

Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 4th May 2005
Rating: 5 - Excellent

Very simple: A real time saver!
Unbeleivable how much time I am saving simply using this tool instead of going through SQL dumps in SSH or PhpMyAdmin. Not that I don't like PhpMyAdmin... Don't get me wrong!

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