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Average Member Rating: 4.32/5

It's getting there!

Reviewed by Anonymous on Mon, 18th June 2007
Rating: 3 - Average

This could be a very useful piece of programming... but only once they get all the bugs sorted. The support is also sometimes a bit too technical for those wanting a straight-forward install-and-customize solution. I do however believe that, as it gets more popular, the support will become allot more user-friendly. A great addition to your website if you want to put up with the bugs of the 1.x version, or the lack of functionality of the 0.x stable version. It's free, support it!

Excellent job

Reviewed by Anonymous on Fri, 9th February 2007
Rating: 5 - Excellent

I don't know what the ealier reviewer was doing. I downloaded the current beta, dropped it in place and it worked out of the box. It's highly modifiable, but you should have some knowlege of php and possibly mysql if you decide to hook it up to mysql to get better performance. As with all things like this your environment may not work like mine. That's why you want use the support forums on phpfreechat's home site. Even if everything is great there are always new ideas posted.

PhpFreeChat needs work

Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 27th December 2006
Rating: 1 - Poor

Installing this program out of the box will deliver you instant error messages. I was not able to get any help on their forum to resolve the problems. If you aren't a programmer your chances of getting this chat system to work will be very slim. I also think they should have used a generic white styling instead of the annoying florescent green. This color forces people to make changes in the CSS. My rating is low for this program. It needs work.

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