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A PHP tool to create weblogs and other dynamic websites.
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Pivot is a tool to create weblogs (and to some extent other dynamic websites), written in PHP. Pivot is easy to setup, easier to maintain and even easier to work with. Features: Template based- Fully adaptable to your wishes; Language packs supported; Easy to upload and include pictures with your log-entries; comment system that remembers your visitors; Automagic Archiving by week or month; Uses style sheets extensively, so moderation will be much easier using a recent browser (IE5+ / Mozilla / Firebird / Safari 1+ / Opera 7+); Wysiwyg editor or plain editor; All data is stored using a solid flat files structure. No MySQL or other databases are required, just plain PHP..

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17th December 2001
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11th February 2009
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(607 ratings)
Average User Rating: 4.6/5
Pivot works like a charm
Reviewed byAnonymousonTue, 3rd May 2005
Rating 5 - Excellent
I have been running Pivot for almost 3 years now, and I absolutely love it. This program is very flexible, yet user-friendly. Also the community behind this tool is very friendly, and always try to help people with problems as fast and as good as they can. Top notch from me.
Just what I needed!
Reviewed byAnonymousonMon, 24th January 2005
Rating 5 - Excellent
Pivot is a great blogging platform with a great user community supporting it. The newly added extension facility makes it easy for everyone to add the tags they need. For me the best two things is that 1) it doesn't need a SQL database and 2) it's translate to so many languages. Just give it a try - it won't let you down.
Wish it were a little harder to use, so it would actually work.
Reviewed byAnonymousonTue, 11th January 2005
Rating 2 - Fair
The authors of this script tried real hard to make an easy to use program, but instead, have come up with a monstrosity that will not work in certian situations. One of these, is where your php include variable is not at the root of the program. Well, some people may just want to run a blog on their site, and other may wish to have it housed in a subdirectory. It was constantly unable to find the language file to make itself work, although it was there. Problem is, it CANT BE MANUALLY TOLD where to include things from. Yet another case where user friendly equates to mission impossible. Might mention that the directory tree is built wrong too, with roots putting up suckers outside of the base directory of the program, bad coding IMHO. I researched my problem in their help system on their site, as well as their forums. To no avail, they either discounted people with the same problem as... 1. Having too old a php interpereter (sorry, latest build here) 2. Not setting up the programs right (sorry, followed every step) 3. Running in safe mode (sorry, nope, it's on a box right beside the one I was editing with, and I know it's not in safe mode) 4. Claiming the fairy godmother of random errors was creeping in, and fouling things (sorry, re-installed 3 times. I guess if your system matches the one they were using, great. If not, look elsewhere. And too bad it can't be told a few basic variables by hand either, for it looked very promising.
Reviewed byAnonymousonThu, 15th January 2004
Rating 5 - Excellent
I've been using hand scripted self taught html for the past four years for my web site and cannot understand how I've only just stumbled on blogging. I tried out several scripts and was not very happy until I found Pivot. Now I spend many hours a day blogging thanks to Pivot, its excellent tools and support forum. It's under continual improvement and can be installed and used very quickly in its basic format or with imagination can be used in a more complicated way to produce a complete integrated web site. You can be up and running within the hour or you can be creating new ideas day by day with the help of the Pivot community who make every effort to solve problems as soon as possible through the forum. Using html was fun but Pivot is quicker, easier and a whole lot more exciting.
Really great piece of software.
Reviewed byAnonymousonThu, 22nd January 2004
Rating 5 - Excellent
This (for me) the best blogware out there, all you need is a webserver with PHP installed, nothing else, no database, support libraries although GD is recommended. I have tried most of them, one were too bloated, another lacked support for the database I had (Postgres), a third were a heap of bugs etc. Pivot solves this in a smart way, by storing all the stuff in XML format, there's some hassle if the server has safe_mode on. But it's not Pivots fault - it's the way PHP's built.
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