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Average Member Rating: 4.37/5

Great value Verified

Reviewed by Anonymous on Thu, 14th October 2010
Rating: 4 - Very Good

These guys are really very good when you consider the price. I purchased three scripts over a year ago, and the second two were discounted. All set up successfully without drama. The businesses were Dubai based and since the crash have been taken down. I requested to use the scripts again on totally new urls and with a little prodding and no extra cost they are up and running again. Functionality is simple but effective and the SEO friendly links are essential in this market, I definitely recommend this product.

I am happy with this software

Reviewed by Anonymous on Sun, 26th September 2010
Rating: 5 - Excellent

I am happy with this software, it worked fine for my project. It allows to use your own templates, so it's possible to customize the design a lot and not only changing colors or logo.
The support provided after the purchase is fast and efficient. I recommend it and will probably consider myself the same software vendor for my other projects to come.

This guy has thw worst software

Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 27th January 2010
Rating: 1 - Poor

I purchased from him, and half the features in his site are not working in the software. There is no support system and it seems he copied the code from another software. I would never purchase from this people again. He made me loose 4 months of hard work. Yeah and he promises customizations to not have to return the money and then he backs up as soon as he notices he must work to get them done. Hope you don't make the same mistake of purchasing from this guy.

Nice script, highly recommended

Reviewed by Anonymous on Sun, 13th April 2008
Rating: 5 - Excellent

This script has a beautiful and easy to use interface. I really liked the fact that it comes with the php source codes and also the customer support provided by the software vendor is very fast and professional.

Good script with fast support

Reviewed by Anonymous on Sun, 9th March 2008
Rating: 5 - Excellent

This script has a very nice interface with plenty of features. Also I liked very much the fact that the script comes with the PHP sources which aren't encrypted, so it's possible to make modification in them. The support provided by the company is very fast and effective.

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