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Open source php/mysql fully featured auction script.
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Open source php/mysql fully featured auction script. Perfect for those who want to start their own auction site.

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15th May 2008
Last Updated
20th July 2010
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Open Source

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(158 ratings)
Average User Rating: 3.4/5
Good Software terrible forum
Reviewed byJohn MaconThu, 8th December 2016
Rating 2 - Fair
The software installed fine, however I had a problem with the email sending and new users not being able to sign up. Ask for help at the forum? Forget it. I don't really understand PhP so asked a question and one member came back and asked if anything showed in the error log. So I copied and pasted the error log to the forum as a reply mainly because I didn't quite know what I am looking for. Pretty normal reaction I thought someone would be able to help. Next morning I logged on to find I had been banned for spam!! No warning nothing. I emailed to appeal against the ban but am still waiting for an answer after a week.So if you download this software and need support then don't bother asking for help on the forums on their website.
Webid is a very promising auction script with tons of possibilities for any seroius minded user
Reviewed bySultan AlaonSat, 8th February 2014
Rating 4 - Very Good
The only problem i found with Webid is that other users can see the last bidders amount, this is the major flaw, can it be configured so that only the number of bids to show without exposing the amount bidded by the last bidder
Reviewed byCreativeCrookonSun, 29th April 2012
Rating 1 - Poor
It is difficult to list every flaw in this small box. But to name a few major problems: 1. NO validation of any kind, leaving your database open to sql injection attacks 2. FULL of bugs, on almost every page 3. Original author (who coded it badly from the start) has abandoned project and it is now patched by random community members with even worse code than before. 4. If JS is disabled, forget any page working at all. Most validation is done in JS and developer do not understand it can be easily disabled. 5. logs are stored in easily accessed public directory for whole world to see.. And there are many more issues above that. I really can't understand how this is the highest rated (free) script in this category.
Looks promising, if only I could get it working....
Reviewed byAnonymousonSun, 21st March 2010
Rating 3 - Average
First off let me say, I have installed literally hundreds of scripts, from the simplest to some of the most complex. I can not get this one installed. It looks very promising by their demo site, I wish I could use it, but it doesn't want to connect to 'localhost' to install the database. In most cases I would simply use the .sql file to dump the data into the database, but theirs is a dynamic sql file (dump.inc.php), so that's not an option. What's more, I tried signing up for their forum (which is pretty difficult to find) so I could get some help, but I've yet to receive the confirmation email, so I can't even get into their forum for help. I'm giving this script 3 stars because I can see that they are truly making an effort to build a top quality, open source auction script. I'm no nube by any means.. like I said, I've installed hundreds of php scripts. I'd like to make a couple of suggestions, as follows. A) Don't use dynamic sql files. If that means splitting the sample data and install data into separate files, so be it. That way people can use phpMyAdmin to dump the data into the database, if need be. B) Add a link directly to the forum right on the home page. The current link takes me to a page that suggests visiting the forum, which has a link to a page about how wonderful the forum is and includes another link back to the original page that suggested visiting the forum to start with. How complicated does it have to be? Put a link on the home page that says "Forum" which when clicked, actually goes to the forum! You might also want to look into that email thing. I'm still waiting for that confirmation email. It is simple little matters like this which often make or break what looks like an otherwise excellent script.
Reviewed byAnonymousonThu, 10th September 2009
Rating 4 - Very Good
My first impression after installing and testing it for a day: very good! At the time of writing this there are a few minor issues on the project home page, though.
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