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Average Member Rating: 4.41/5

Excellent program, but getting dated Verified Reviewed by CF Davis on Tue, 13th August 2013

Rating: 5 - Excellent

It's unfortunate that the program is no longer being developed and so support is not available for it. Installation is fairly automatic and the open source PHP code is fairly easily modified, but you have to figure it out on your own.

We chose Webinsta in 2004 over other available programs because of its versatility and ease of use. Our organization continues to use Webinsta for its e-newsletter.

As open source, Webinsta allowed us to program a mySQL query to our main database which then creates the WebInsta list fresh whenever we send a newsletter. WebInsta supports sublists and multiple templates so we can send different looking newsletters to different groups.

One nuisance is the HTML preview of the message to be sent. It displays the text in gray rather than black so it doesn't give an exact representation of the output.

Perhaps because the code is dated, it doesn't have built-in support for DKIM, although I expect it will not be too hard to locate and add the DKIM key into the mail headers within WebInsta's code.

We often have newsletter editors who are not especially tech savvy, so the ease of composing and sending with WebInsta is crucial. WebInsta uses a 3-step process which is the easiest I've seen so far.

Overall, WebInsta is a great program for non-nerds to use, is easily customizable and can be installed and configured without much trouble. However, it is best installed and administered by someone proficient in PHP.

Does not work properly ! Reviewed by Anonymous on Fri, 4th August 2006

Rating: 1 - Poor

It stops sending at 24 subscribers... Fatal Error and No Support !

lack of support can decrease script popularity Reviewed by Anonymous on Tue, 19th July 2005

Rating: 3 - Average

the script has some nice features and it could be one of the best free newsletter script, but: unfortunately is not xhtml compliant at all (forget it if you want to have a totally validated website as it should be nowadays) and there's some important bugs in the code which has to be adjusted (striplashes, relative paths, html/text outputs, name a few). there's no support for this script (see policy at its forum support) especially when you have to adjust major bugs, and this is a shame, so if you can't code php by yourself, well this script is not for you.

Highly Recommended! Reviewed by Anonymous on Thu, 26th May 2005

Rating: 5 - Excellent

I've been using this script for ages and would highly recommend it to anyone. It is perfect for sending html and/or text based newsletters etc. It can successfully handle hundreds of subscribers to my newsleter and has handy admin functions like the ip address of each user. An excellent script.

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