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Average Member Rating: 4.57/5

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  • The ticket desk is very customizable and easily allows the user to update settings. The installation wizard installed without issue in only a few minutes. Very pleased with the simplicity and functionality of the application.

  • We have been searching for a support ticket system for quite a while. We are a small company and did not want to be held ransom by the large SaaS software services. This is a perfect solution for us. It is simple, sold and works perfectly. Support is outstanding, We recommend this solution to any small company looking for a "Big Company" solution without the high fees.

  • absolutely astonishing. free with no limitation and cost make it powerful and a top choice.

  • This is the best helpdesk app I have found! Give it a try and you will not regret.

  • Very nice ticketing system, solved all my needs

  • Extremely pleased with the quality of Acorn Aid. Amazing features and it's free. We have a small support desk and are gathering our emails directly into Acorn Aid. Customers get a reference number and we can distribute emails between the team. Great!

  • This script does exactly what I wanted, installation was very easy, and up a running in no time at all. Recommend to anyone who wants a simple but versitile ticket system

  • Very great script - it has multiple e-mail accounts, multiple administrators. It speaks polish and english. It's free!

  • The knowledge base and ticket history has made our support easier and our customers happier. The current features are great and I understand from support there are more to come. Super!

  • We've found this perfect for our business. Super easy to setup and plenty of customization to suit of business. Loving the clean design. Thanks!

  • Got the script working well, except adding Users. After you click on "Submit" on the Users page after filling the form out, it does nothing. Was thinking it was an issue with permissions but that didnt seem to work either. Add users presents you with a blank screen no matter what. Not sure what to tweak...

  • Please contact our support and we'll help you. We have not experienced this problem yet.

  • we've been testing it on our intranet server and now it's working on our public server, with an easy configuration and great response on mobile devices. Perfect for our business The team behind the script it's doing a great job and they are working hard to improve it with the users suggestions. Oh and now it's translated to spanish too :D

  • If you are into a more minimalist helpdesk approach than this software is for you. It is coded beautifully, has top notch support and works amazingly! I highly recommend giving this a shot right now! Stop reading this review and load it up!

  • I am using ver2 of Easy Ticket and have found it very user friendly from install to usage. The customer support has been above and beyond that of any other free or low cost script I have ever used. Very fast and friendly support form the developer. If you are looking for a simple and responsive customer ticket support script - you have found it. I am very happy to recommend this script. I look foreword to future products from this developer

  • It is amazing! I love it. The only downside is that I am not aware of how to make it fit my site style.