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Average Member Rating: 2.28/5

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I have resurrected this software Reviewed by Tony on Fri, 10th May 2013

Rating: 5 - Excellent

This software is very simple but a great way to log and track expenses and the approvals in a small company.

I have added this to my free app market. Google PHPDirect to find it. Or search Hotscripts for it!

I noticed that a few people were having troubles so I thought I'd download it and take a look. The software had a bug that I fixed, which caused the inability to log in. I then added the software to my own frame work, which is essentially an App Market of some good free php/mysql software.

Doesn't go past login screen Reviewed by Deb on Sat, 9th February 2013

Rating: 1 - Poor

Abandoned project. Does not go past login screen.

login issue Reviewed by Ben on Mon, 4th February 2013

Rating: 1 - Poor

RatnaAnonymous: could you explain how you solved the login issue?

Does NOT Work - avoid it Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 21st September 2011

Rating: 1 - Poor

It installs fine, but you can't log in - period.

This is a dead project - don't waste your time.

Doesn't Work Reviewed by Anonymous on Mon, 15th February 2010

Rating: 1 - Poor

Current download does not work - don't waste your time! Cannot log in, just refreshes page. Customer support does not respond to emails - looks like an abandoned project.

Application Dependencies Reviewed by Anonymous on Thu, 29th January 2009

Rating: 4 - Very Good

Really good application, although I have to spend few days to install. This application has dependencies,it must has php 4.* installed. If you have php5 and apache 2.*, you can go with this option: run php4 and php5 in 1 server. php5 as module and php4 as cgi,just read this link http://www.apachelounge.c om/viewtopic.php?p=11309. If you have mySQL 5.*, it will throw an error like this:Client does not support authentication protocol,read this refman/4.1/en/old-client. html

pretty messed up it seems. Reviewed by Anonymous on Fri, 5th May 2006

Rating: 1 - Poor

I think this is an abandoned project. The screenshots look great, but the downloaded version does not work at all.

Major features missing in current version Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 15th June 2005

Rating: 2 - Fair

Product has good potential but current version is missing several basic features which, if added, would make it much more usable.

1. When logged in as an administrator, we presumed we would be able to approve the expense reports submitted by users. We could not find out how to do this. The "approve report" option appears to be missing.

2. There is no way to add an expense for mileage without the user first calculating the dollar amount manually and then entering it in. Doing mileage is one of the most commonly used features in expense reporting tools but is missing in this one. We were expecting to see a way to add the current mileage rate into a mileage category and when someone entered a mileage expense, it would have automatically calculated the proper amount. There appears to be no way to enter mileage other than pulling out a calculator, knowing the IRS’s rate, and typing in the exact dollar amount.

3. Deleting a user does not delete their expense reports, which is fine, but it leaves their expense reports hanging without a user. It should allow the administrator to archive the report or something that does not leave it without an owner.

4. The display looks nice and relatively clean. However, there is no clear way to print out a report. We recommend that the developer should add a button to print out a report using the same look and feel. Forcing a user to export it to Excel and then reformatting creates extra work and reduces the need to use this software.