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Average Member Rating: 2.28/5

I have resurrected this software

Reviewed by Tony on Fri, 10th May 2013
Rating: 5 - Excellent

This software is very simple but a great way to log and track expenses and the approvals in a small company.

I have added this to my free app market. Google PHPDirect to find it. Or search Hotscripts for it!

I noticed that a few people were having troubles so I thought I'd download it and take a look. The software had a bug that I fixed, which caused the inability to log in. I then added the software to my own frame work, which is essentially an App Market of some good free php/mysql software.

Doesn't go past login screen

Reviewed by Deb on Sat, 9th February 2013
Rating: 1 - Poor

Abandoned project. Does not go past login screen.

login issue

Reviewed by Ben on Mon, 4th February 2013
Rating: 1 - Poor

RatnaAnonymous: could you explain how you solved the login issue?

Does NOT Work - avoid it

Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 21st September 2011
Rating: 1 - Poor

It installs fine, but you can't log in - period.

This is a dead project - don't waste your time.

Doesn't Work

Reviewed by Anonymous on Mon, 15th February 2010
Rating: 1 - Poor

Current download does not work - don't waste your time! Cannot log in, just refreshes page. Customer support does not respond to emails - looks like an abandoned project.

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