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Email Attachments and HTML Support

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This class sends email and allows for multiple attachments and text or HTML emails. Simple to use and handles all errors and header complications from the user. Attach files using $email->Attach(

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Added On: Tue, 16th December 2003


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PHP-based spam & virus/worm filtering for POP3 email accounts. Designed to run as a cron job and catch spam based on links to blacklisted IPs, obfuscated words or blacklisted phrases in the message body, attached-image spam, email worms and viruses, and corrupted or malformed emails.

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Added On: Fri, 11th March 2005

Fast PHP Email Form

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Finally, a PHP Email Form that you can easily integrate into your website with just one simple line of code . Features include: * Very fast to integrate into any existing PHP page on your website. * All fields are *required * Anti spam filter. * Customizable email message that you receive. * Customizable email subject * Only 1 option to configure (your email address) to make the script function * Installation instructions included in the readme.txt file * Integrated thank you/success page * Integrated error messages * Uses standard server features for an easy installation

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Added On: Fri, 20th August 2010

Ryan's District Feedback

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This script allow your website visitors to send you feedback in a very user friendly form It can be integrated and costumed the way you want. Its really important to have one like this if you are a webmaster to prevent putting your email directly which ill make spam robots catching it and spamming you Wink All what it needs a php supported server I attached the script to this topic Please click the link below to download RD Feedback

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Added On: Sat, 20th January 2007

GMail Attachment Downloader

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This script checks a GMail account with IMAP enabled, finds unread messages, sees if they have any attachements, and then saves the attachment in a directory. The purpose of this script is to act as a part of a moblog (mobile phone photo blog), and in its current form it treats every attachment as an image. With slight modification, you can add thumbnail generation support, database integration, etc.

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Added On: Thu, 1st January 2009

mMail PHP Class

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mMail is an improved SMTP class for PHP with the following features: * Direct sending without using sendmail or a local SMTP server * Support for SSL and TLS SMTP sessions (tested with GMail, mDaemon) * Support for SMTP AUTH * Support for inline zip (just indicate you want the file zipped on attachment) * Support for text and html formatting * Support for embedded graphics a-la Outlook Express stationary * Really simple to use (see the sample files)

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Added On: Sat, 4th July 2009

Swift Mailer - Pluggable Mailing in PHP

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Swift is a fully OOP Library for sending e-mails from PHP websites and applications. It does not rely on PHP's native mail() function which is known for using high server resources when sending multiple emails. Instead, Swift communicates directly with an SMTP server or a MTA binary to send mail quickly and efficiently. Swift is comparable to PHPMailer except that it implements an extremely flexible plugin system meaning you can get the most out of sending emails from your PHP applications. The interface for Swift is both tighter and more intuitive. ** Works with Gmail secure servers!! ** This is free software, licensed under the LGPL.

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Added On: Sat, 27th May 2006

Anonymous Remailer

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This scripts allows you to send anonymous emails to any email address in the world. Note:: This script is for educational purpose only; nobody should be held responsible for the inconvinience caused by this script. Use at your own risk. Coded in PHP.

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Added On: Wed, 25th October 2006

FORMfields - PHP Form To Email

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Build forms that validate data and are linked to a database. Build forms that send emails. Automatcially display formatted table and database data. Password protect pages with user accounts. Build dynamic menus. Display errors and informational messages. Please visit our site for a complete list of features.

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Added On: Mon, 18th July 2005

Aruntx Email Opt-out

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The Aruntx Email Opt-out is a robust, reliable analytics tool which excels in the quantity, quality and clarity of the reports it provides. You can view intelligence from real-time or historical data for any single email opt-out request, or all email opt-out requests as a group. Authored by our own Mandingo this is an exquisite hand-chosen luxury software, a 'must-have', with easy installation. Generate opt-out reports and mailing address database exclusion fast, quick and in a hurry. Uses a beautiful flat text database bridge for easy maintenance and back-up. Aruntx Publishing Company is certain that you will enjoy many hours of use with this multi-platform application designed to be used on popular web servers. This application is designed for webmasters who require a robust, reliable analytics tool which excels in the quantity, quality and clarity of the reports it provides. The initial investment of Aruntx Email Opt-out, can be an accumulated asset which can be recovered in the labor hours of monitoring requests for opt-out and translating opt-out data interpretation from further disturbing the peace and tranquility of your client base. Our standard delivery of this item as a member of the Aruntx Online Download On Demand Premium Server Software, is same day.

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Added On: Sun, 12th December 2004


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vCard generates VCF files for importing personal data into vCard-compatible programs. version 1.x for php 4, version 2.x for php 5

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Added On: Mon, 25th November 2002

Email Marketing Software with Responsive and Social features

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Manage your email marketing campaigns like never before with the most advanced email marketing software. Awbdesk email marketer is the World's first email marketing software with pre-send list-cleanup feature, mobile optimised, socially integrated and super fast easy to use cleaner interface. Pay one time and use for ever. You can even start your own SAAS Aweber/Mailchip clone business with this software which is fully integrated with billing. World's first ESP software to fully support recurring billings. Checkout the demo to fall in love with it.

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Added On: Tue, 1st July 2014

Tell a Friend By Cgixp Team

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A simple php script for sending a link of any webpage to visitors friends. Supports multiple emails.

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Added On: Fri, 18th June 2004

Email Parser

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This class is designed to parse raw emails into logical parts including the header, content, to, from, subject, and file attachments. It also parses the various message types including HTML and Plain text messages.

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Added On: Sun, 14th January 2007

A very cushy mailform

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This very versatile mailform can: send mails to different addresses - create autoresponder messages and carboncopies - find out from which country a mail was sent - validate correct completion - be adaptded to any language - be used for any number of websites... You can have a "contact" link on different pages of your website, and each link will lead to a different mailform - but it is the same mailform. Only when linked to from the customer service page it will automatically send the mail to customer service and when linked to from the sales departments page it will send the mail to the sales department. Depending on the link it can also display different preset subjects and messages, create different autoresponder messages, can display labels and error messages in different languages and also present itself in different looks. You can decide if you want users to be able to send attachments, you can also turn on a security captcha.

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Added On: Thu, 14th October 2004


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libMail is a full featured Mail component written in PHP. It features: To, CC, BCC, Attachements (single or multiple); Priority, Organization, Receipt and an email-address checker (can be disabled). Documentation is now available in english and french. libMail is a Cardware - Send the author a mail if you're happy with it.

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Added On: Wed, 20th September 2000


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Mailto is a free, open source class written by Debugged Interactive Designs in PHP4 to obfuscate e-mail addresses from spam harvesters. The class lets you easily encode an entire anchor tag using ROT13 Encryption. At run-time, javascript is used to decode the ROT13 encryption. If javascript is disabled, then the e-mail address is safely shown by reversing the e-mail address using PHP and re-reversing (versing?) it at run-time using CSS.

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Added On: Wed, 5th November 2008

lib Multipart mime email

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Multipart mime email generator library for PHP. This library enables you to send multipart mime emails with PHP. There are function to read in files, build the format of the email, then you use the created data type and use the standard php mail() function to send it. Instructions are included in the software.

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Added On: Thu, 7th November 2002

AntiSpam Feedback

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This package can be used to validate the e-mail addresses of users of feedback forms before accepting and sending the feedback messages. It sends an e-mail message to the user submitting a feedback form with a special code in a link. The feedback content is stored in a file on the server until the user e-mail address is validated. When the user must accesses the link in the validation message, the feedback content is sent by e-mail to a given address of the person that is supposed to receive the feedback messages. If the e-mail address is never confirmed after 1 day, the class will delete the feedback content file that was kept on the server. Besides, the form contains AJAX-based interface and graphical confirmation code generator.

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Added On: Fri, 26th January 2007

GS - Paid Email Scripts

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Our Paid to Read Email Script has Paid To Click Section beside Paid for Reading Email, also has Banner Rotator Manager. So you can sell banner impresseion to advertisers. This Script is most widely used by webmasters.

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Added On: Fri, 12th December 2003