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Ad Management

Collection of commercial and free PHP ad management scripts for managing, serving, rotating and tracking image banners, text ads and other rich multimedia ads like Flash on your site. Most of these banner management scripts will track impressions and click-throughs.
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Osclass Classifieds Platform - Cover Image
Osclass Classifieds Platform
Brand new backoffice theme makes management of Osclass simple and easy. Everything is logicaly sorted and always at hand. Osclass has been created from scratch on coding standards inspired by Wordpress, there was a lot of effort to keep code clean and easy to understand.Hundreds of free plugins and themes has been created by community, these are ideal for starter website or to learn how to customize Osclass. Performance of Osclass is regularly tested & enhanced within each update. Software can easily handle milions of listings without performance gabs and it scales very well.If you are just small business with local market and few products, or enterprise classifieds with enormous number of listings, Osclass is right choice for you. As oclass is easy to learn and work with, many people has started to contribute themes, plugins and different modifications.You may find a lot of support forums, osclass blogs, articles, different markets and websites with free & premium products or modifications. You should not feel alone with your questions! Ton of features provided by Osclass allows you to create any kind of classifieds. Listing & User validation, localization, translations management, rich media options, alerts on new listings and that is just start. Explore power of Osclass today!
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Results 1-1 of 1