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Free drop-down menu for Joomla -

This Joomla modules is Free for download at Free version is free for non-commercial use only.
You can also find great 1.5 Joomla templates and Joomla extensions at Free and Commercial versions are available.

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EXP Autos

EXP Autos component allows you to manage properties in your website in an easy and effective way while using Joomla! 1.5 .
This powerful combination enable you to run a autos website and use the most user friendly open source Web Content Management System (CMS) available today.
Everyone can create your own independ platform in Internet for car sell by using auto component.
Component use Model-View-Controller Component (MVC)

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Amazon Associate Store for Joomla

With Amazon Associate Store for Joomla you can add a shopping area to an existing Joomla-powered website in just minutes.

1. Simple Setup Installs in just minutes – you just need a Joomla-powered website
2. Supports Multiple Amazon Locales Create stores with items from the US, UK, CA, FR, DE and JP locales
3. Hundreds of Categories Almost any Amazon product can be sold in your store
4. Powerful Search Feature...

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eBay Factory Module 1.7.5

eBay Factory Module main features are:

* displays certain eBay auctions in a module;
* selection is search-based, administrator is entering a keyword (or multiple keywords);
* displays also items belonging to a single seller;
* order by "newly listed" and "ending soon";
* customizable nr. of auctions to be displayed in the module;
* configurable title lenght (limit nr. of c...

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Exchange Rates Factory RO 1.6

* BNR Exchange Rates (Romanian National Bank);
* easy install;
* automatic updates;
* customizable flag images;
* history files.

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VM Tree Factory Module 1.5

* Free Shaped Module;

* Shows available Categories and Products from VirtueMart;

* Configurable number of Products to be displayed;

* Displays also the Product Description from VirtueMart;

* Small Footprint.

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VM ePayment Factory for J!1.5

VirtueMart Payment module for GeCAD's is the easiest way to integrate the new payment method for your Joomla website using the VirtueMart eCommerce solution. This solution is also used in our shop when choosing ePayment as a payment method. Following features are supported:

* easy switch to TestMode
* IPN (Instant Payment Notification)
* VirtueMart Order Status Automatic Update included

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rss Factory PRO 1.6.1

# Categories & Subcategories (unlimited number of levels);
# Category Description, Pathway;
# Related Categories;
# Category Tree within one, two, three or four Columns;
# fully SEF - compatible with Artio JoomSEF;
# easy Language Management;
# Import Feeds to Content (for each feed, a section and category can be choosen, including the author and publishing period.);
# replace ">> >>" with customiz...

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rss Factory 1.6.1

* display specific RSS feeds on various pages accourding to the article content category;
* supports RSS 0.9, RSS 1.0, the various Userland RSS verions (0.9x and 2.0); additionally it supports Atom 0.3 and many custom RSS namespaces;
* table and overlib display mode of the feed content;
* customized number of display feeds;
* display specified RSS categories;
* easy CSS customisation;

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rss2image Factory 1.5.5

# display images taken from RSS Feeds;
# takes images from the cache of rss Factory 1.5.x;
# is able to display only the feeds containing images or all the feeds;
# orientation can be set up vertical or horizontal;
# search and display images with a required size (in order not to display images like spacer 1x1 px);
# image resizing;
# image caption can be choosen from "alt" or "title" attributes or disabl...

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rss Context Factory 1.5.3

...the way to track relevant feeds.
* displays RSS Feeds in a module according to the Keywords you set;
* can use feeds from:,,;
* customizable Automatic Refresh of feeds;
* cached Feeds (no delays on loading);
* contextual keywords to specific Content Categories;
* two display options - tables and overlib;
* easy CSS customization.

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HOT or NOT Deluxe Factory 1.0.5

The component provides an easy voting system, requiring only a single click action for a speedy process. The component can be used to rate different images like landscapes, art, etc. or if the genre mode is enabled, more particular for male and female images. The upload is very easy, allowing also multiple upload. For each picture a sharelink and the number of hits will be visible and if admin enabled the description, comments and tags. To allow ...

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HOT or NOT Factory 1.0.9

Administrator Settings:

* Enable/disable voting for guests (unloged users).
* Enable/disable upload images for guests (unlogged users).
* Set 1-10 or 1-5 voting scale.
* Set upload folder, Resize height and width, Thumbnail size, Nr. of uploaded images at once.
* Enable/disable image description, Description length, Enable/disable require description on upload.
* Enable/dis...

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briefcase Factory 1.6.1

..the way to keep your favourite documents organized.

* store and organize files or documents;

* create folders, upload files;

* store files in specific folders, download, delete;

* customizable user space in admin backend;

* share files or folders with other users or public;

* admin interface: view all files and manage them;

* and many more...

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Content Image Factory 2.5

Content Image Factory main features:

* align images horizontally or vertically;
* display or hide image captions below;
* display first X images or random X images;
* define image height and width;
* ignore first image (this option is letting the first image into the content, putting only the rest into the module);
* skip nr. images;
* new plugin to supress conte...

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Love Factory 1.4.4

# Member Pages
# Fully Configurable Fields
# Photo Gallery
# Comment System
# Messaging System
# Interaction System
# Rating System
# Friends List
# Ignore List
# Advanced Search
# Radius Search using Google maps
# Membership Plans
# Payment Gateways: Paypal and Moneybookers
# Templating System
# Multilanguage Support

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jAnswers Factory 1.1.4

* Yahoo Answers Clone.
* Users can ask questions, Community provides answers.
* Questions can be extended if not answered (period).
* Ranking system for answers.
* Report offensive text.
* Favourite Questions.
* extended search in the Knowledgebase.
* Pay-per-Question.
* Pay for featured Question.
* Pay-per-Contact.
* Support for "bee...

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Aurigma Cloud Media Manager for Joomla!

An alternative media manager for Joomla! that stores files in your Amazon S3 account instead of your server hard drive. You can insert photos and files from Amazon S3 to your posts. No need to keep heavy files on your server, keep them in a cloud!

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Aurigma Media Manager for Joomla!

The extended version of the standard Joomla media manager empowered with Aurigma Image Uploader. It allows you to upload multiple files to your Joomla-based website with a few clicks.

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If you've been looking for an appointment booking solutution for your Joomla web site you have found it!

We looked everywhere for an appointment booking module for our clinic. There were a number of options on the internet, but none had the critical piece that we needed, synchronisation with our caledars for free / busy times.

PBBooking is the result of this quest. A componenet that has been devloped to offer appoint...

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Price: Free