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media Mall Factory 1.0.5

# distribute media files free or commercial
# built-in Credit System
# Categories Support
# percentage win for Administrator
# per for Contact
# Author Payments
# Paypal Integration
# support for video-, audio-, archive files
# Rating System
# Joomfish Integration
# user notifications, etc.

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Price: EUR 120.00

raffle Factory 1.2

# organize your own raffles;
# setting a price per ticket, buyer can purchase several tickets; ticket numbers will be sent to the buyer, for each purchased ticket;
# Seller has option to end raffle early before all tickets sold, a winner will be automatically random chosen, notified and displayed in the auction;
# user can see his purchased tickets (won/selected for top 100/selected for top 10/selected for top 3/lost);

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reverse auction Factory 1.4.3

# allowing the Buyer to choose the best deal;
# obtaining Prices for Services or Products;
# Rating System;
# Commissions Plugin, Pay-per-Contact Plugin, Pay-per-Bid Plugin;
# including file attachement and images;
# support for various types of auctions like public, private, choose winner;
# eMail Notifications on major events;
# Watchlist for sellers on Categories and Auctions;
# pay for l...

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Chat Factory 1.1

partial Feature List;
Online and Offline messages;
Message History;
Avatar management;
Community Builder integration;
Chat application is available on every page of your website without having to enable a special module;
Changeable User status;
Possibility of staying invisible;
allowing users to chat REGARDLESS of the page they are on.
Friends list and Blocked users list;

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ResMania The Advanced Modular Reservation Framework System/Solution for Joomla and Drupal

ResMania can provide literally any reservation based solution: Properties, Vehicles, Boats, People, and many more.

Quick and simple to install on your own server, ResMania's Drupal and Joomla booking system is a snap to theme, and backed by a growing library of open source extensions – including Groups, Price Modules, Insurances, Reports, LiveChat, Google Maps, Videos, Discounts, Deposits, Coupons - enabling even the smallest of...

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WizardRSS Joomla Component

WizardRSS Joomla Component is used to automatically create articles from RSS feeds. Although there are several other Joomla components that automatically post articles from RSS feeds, we could not find one that was able to handle the huge volume and speed that we needed for our own Joomla sites. Since we built this component for our own use, we decided to offer it for free to others.

What make our Joomla Component the best?

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obGrabber - Joomla automatic articles

This Joomla Automatic Articles extension allow you to create Joomla Articles from RSS feed sources with FULL TEXT support, no matter the RSS feed source is full-text or not.
Joomla Full-Text RSS FEATURES
* Automatic Articles: Get RSS content source and put it into Joomla automatically.
* Full Text RSS: Get FULL TEXT RSS, FULL CONTENT RSS no matter the source offers or not.
* Grab images and store into Jooml...

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Weblinks with Thumbshots

The "Weblinks with Thumbshots" component for Joomla! 1.5 modifys the default Joomla! component "Weblinks" and replaces the default icons with thumbshots (preview images) of the linked website. The link to your thumbshot provider is set in the backend of the default "Weblinks" component.

Why a core hack instead of a separate component? The modification concerns only 3 files of the original component and this is - in m...

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Vm Invoice Manager

A free component to produce PDF invoices for virtuemart orders. You can send invoices as email's attachment to customers. You can even print delivery labels with customer address, check if all items are shipped and/or invoiced and much more.

The script runs on Vm 1.1.4 and Joomla! v1.5.9.

You can install it like any other Joomla! component but runs only if you have Vm installed.

Languages: Italian, English

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JHShop is a fully featured ecommerce solution including specials, options, shipping, multiple payment gateways, seo urls, Featured products, manufacturers, vendors, Feeds, and much much more

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New dating and social Joomla extension - JoDDa!

Among the features of JoDDa there are:

* Easily customizable registration and profile
* Radius search (Google Maps)
* Simple and advanced search
* In-site mail system and chat
* Gallery with private and public albums
* Commenting system
* Chat
* Different modules that can be inserted anywhe...

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SmartFormer Gold - Joomla Form Builder


# Several forms on one page
# 3 Captcha variants (security images). Reload CAPTCHA image without reloading the page
# Full control over PHP, CSS, JS and HTML
# Interface for creating new DB tables and associating your forms with existing ones
# Automated aligning of elements when you create a form
# Custom validation rules

# Fast Visual interface (absolute WYSIWYG)

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2CheckOut Integrator

2CheckOut Integrator binds your site and account in 2CO payment system. Now managing your payments becomes easy and convenient.


* Manage the style of your "buy" buttons
* Real-time statuses of the payments (updated automatically)
* Export to .csv
* Statistics of views/clicks
* Full payment details available
* WYSIWYG editor for PDF invoices
* Events Handler (you ca...

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Joomla Flash Uploader

The Joomla Flash Uploader is the Joomla component of the TWG Flash Uploader.

You now have the possibility to upload files to your web server the easiest way possible. You simply select the files you want to upload and thats it. No upload HTML form anymore where you have to upload each file individually. You only need Flash 8 or higher installed to use this component.

You can upload files in the backend of Joomla AND ...

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Price: Free

Joomla MVC Classes

This package provides base classes for developing Joomla extension using the MVC design pattern.
It provides base model, view and controller classes wrap around Joomla base code.
The base MVC classes should be extended to implement new Joomla extensions.

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Joomla Post Notifier Module of 123 Flash Chat Software

Joomla Post Notifier Module is developed to integrate Joomla CMS with New Post Notifier Module of 123 Flash Chat.
With it, you can integrate your Joomla website with any chat room of 123 Flash Chat. Therefore when you publish or edit a post on website, your chat users in those integrated chat rooms will get a messenger alert with information of it.
It will help you to integrate the entire Joomla site all in one, and meanwhile helps ...

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create powerful Mobile phones reviews & specifications Website, Joophone is a full-featured Mobile phones content management for Joomla 1.5.X .
Joophone comoonent comes with a Large mobile phones specifications database about (15 brands and over 1500 mobile phones "specification + phone image" ).


* Extensions built natively for Joomla! 1.5 .
* Administration / Backend Functiona...

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VSIG for Hot Property

The VSIG for Hot Property Plugin for Joomla! 1.5 is a modified version of the "Very Simple Image Gallery" and an alternative to the standard gallery for Mosets Hot Property. It works with Mosets Hot Property Version 1.0.0 RC1 (and hopefully above :)).

- supports .jpg, .png und .gif
- can be aligned left, right, centered, float left or float right
- thumbnails optional below or right of ...

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OSE PHP Anti-Hacker Joomla Extension

Open-Source Anti-Hacker Joomla Component aims to help you reduce the risk of your Joomal website being hacked, secure you private data, and protect your system files from malicious codes and attacks. It can be installed as a component on your Joomla website or on the platform of our OSE Virus Scanner.

It’s suitable for all kinds of websites, including online stores, small business, personal websites, public institutes, etc develo...

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OSE Membership Control Joomla Extension

Open Source Joomla Membership Control can control the access to Joomla content, menus and modules to members only. The build in membership management function allows you to control your members' access within their membership period. Also, the credit system allows you to control the number of times your user view the resources in your website.

The component can be integrated with VirtueMart and utilizes VirtueMart's payment functio...

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Price: GBP 59.00