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Wordpress e-Commerce Bridges Plugins

Collection of Wordpress E-Commerce bridges for popular e-commerce application like X-Cart, Magento, etc.

WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

Woocommerce inventory management help you to manage your regular inventory related needs, it’s easy to use and functionality fulfill basic stock requirements. With our plugin, you will get purchase and stock details, back dated sales stock data, stock planner etc.

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WOO Product Features Tab

When your product that includes a lot of features it is important to present it to your buyers. It is important that when you present the information to your buyer, we help you make it easier. Our plugin give you the option to build "features list" and choose in which product to show from product setting area.

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WooCommerce Advance Sales Reports - Premium Gold Version

WooCommerce Advance Sales Report (Premium Gold Version) shows you Recent Orders and Sales Order Summary in an easy to understand manner. You can track your product, order and sales trend and can take your business decisions based on that. It also show you detail reports with the advance key performance indicators like total orders, sales, customers, sales orders, order status, and many more. So you can quickly judge performance of your business. Premium Gold Version Features: • Projected Vs Actual Sales • Top n States, Category wise sales summary • Improvised Dashboard • Sales Summary by Map View (Country Wise) • Daily Sales Forecast • Advance Variation Filters • Advance Tax Reporting (Tax by State, Tax by Country, Tax By Name, Tax By Rate, Total Shipping Tax, Summary/Detail)

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Online Doodle Drawing Plugin for WordPress

WordPress Canvas Drawing Plugin lets users to draw doodle on separate paint book by utilizing basic drawing tools like Thickness selector, Color Picker etc. This Plugin creates an image slider on top of your web blog that helps users in image selection.

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