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Moonlightchest Sitemap Generator V2.0

If you are looking for a free and easy to use sitemap generator that can generate Google and Yahoo sitemaps for your search engine submission, Moonlightchest Sitemap Generator V2.0 is what you are looking for. Moonlightchest Sitemap Generator V2.0 is written in ASP. It creates a simple Google XML sitemap and a Yahoo plain text sitemap in one go. The pro of this generator is, by recognizing the meta tags found on your web pages, it will not list down those include files, admin web pages and etc. on your sitemap file. The con is, your web pages needs to be tidy with the necessary standardized meta tags on all your content pages. So, it will not work well if your web site is unkempt.

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This ASP component (COM object) reads PAD files, the XML based documents that describe published shareware and freeware, and extracts information about software products. It can be used to build a software download site by reading the description of software provided by software authors. Files can be read from a remote URL using an HTTP get function, or from a user browser upload as well as from a local disk. The list of PAD files stored in the Association of Shareware Professionals PAD Repository can also be read by this component, giving access to details of tens of thousands of software products. As a COM object it can be used in a wide range of Windows based development environments including ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Visual Basic and Delphi. The component is free to use.

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Spacenuke v.2.9.8

Spacenuke, Space, Nuke, Free web city.

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Simple XML/RSS Parser

Simple XML/Parser is a XML parser designed for to parse most valid news and blog feeds. No database required to work with it. All you need is to include a subroutine in your code and call it.

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Since there are no free open source ASP solutions for live shipping rates with UPS, FedEx and USPS I decided that I'm going to write a free open source solution that anyone can use. This code is all 100% ASP and requires no non-Microsoft plugins or COM+ dlls. You can currently render the XML response as either a select box, an array of radio buttons, or just plain old text if you'd just like to display it and not use it in a form. Integration is simple, just add an "include" statement to the top of an existing page, and then get the rates with a few simple lines of code. Integration can take place in as little as 2 lines of ASP code.

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ASP Validated RSS Feed Script

With Internet Explorer 7, RSS feeds are tightly woven into the browser. If you have products or other content to provide site visitors they can subscribe to it with one click! This is a great way to sell your products online and provide sticky content to visitors to keep them in the loop of your product and service updates. This configurable ASP RSS script allows you to easily add RSS feeds from a database to your ASP-based website. It comes with an Access database with sample data. This data is used in our own RSS page. Easy to configure, it creates a validated RSS feed. Uses ASP 3.0 and a sample Access database.

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Trans:Feed V2

If you are thinking of becoming a Kelkoo Affiliate, then you will need to transform a live XML feed directly from Kelkoo in order to be able to provide your customers with the ability to search and browse through your feed. Whilst there are several ways of doing this, getting it intergrated into your Web site and making every aspect (pagination, category searching category browsing etc) work together can be rather difficult. There are no scripts on the Internet at present that can achieve this for you, and unless you are prepared to learn ASP.NET, you're pretty much on your own when it comes to setting up the integration. This script is coded in classic ASP and uses XSLT to transform a live Kelkoo affiliate XML feed into user-friendly HTML. It is very easy to integrate into your site and customize it's look and feel to match your site. Version 2 has a number of aesthetic and user enhancements, including the ability to browse popular categories. Now in use by over 200 websites!

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adXMLCls is an free ASP Class for reading and extracting information from XML files. The class holdes serveral functions to make your ASP website talk easier with XML files.

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RSS2HTML Scout is an ActiveX .NET ready programming library that can add RSS reading functions into your application. Key Features: - No RSS or XML formats knowledge required; RSS, ATOM, RDF feeds support; - Non-Latin feeds support; - Built-in multi-threaded downloading engine; - Built-in cache to speed up RSS to HTML conversion; - Ability to filter feeds by title, url, description using keywords; - Customizable ready-to-use HTML and CSS templates; - and more!

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FEDEX Live Shipping Rates Finder

Integrate this script into your website to get live shipping rates from FEDEX. It uses XML and returns all available rates all at once. No need to install DLLs!

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FuzzyRSS is an ASP class that you can use to easily create RSS output that others can syndicate or view using a newsreader such as NewsGator or Bloglines. FuzzyRSS makes it so you don't actually have to deal with any RSS or XML yourself. Just set the properties, call the WriteRSS function, and you're done!

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Miopages merges ASP3 + XML/HTML into a singular DOM, resulting in something very similar to a webpage executing DHTML - but on the server. - The ASP (Jscript) can access any elements like if it had been javascripts on the client, and manipulate their appearances and behaviors using DHTML-methods. This eliminates the "IF/ELSE"-hell that is common with extremely interactive ASP-pages.

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Using XML Database for Users

This code basically shows how to implement a simple XML database to validate user logins. The passwords normally have to be encrypted, we left it so for simplicity

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RSS XML Content Feed VBScript Class

This VBScript class reduces the amount of code needed to display RSS. Provides object-based properties, collections and methods to simplify the retrieval and display of all kinds of RSS. Cache improves efficiency by saving results to temporary cache file. Transform XML RSS content with XSL stylesheets. Automatically recognises many different RSS versions and RDF formats. Includes inbuilt functions to simplify interaction with Amazon and eBay.

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Uses the DOM to generate RSS behind an interface of nested objects. So to set the channel's title, you say RSS.Channel.Title = "My Weblog". Supports Dublin Core, Creative Commons, and Syndication modules. Can be used to generate RSS on-the-fly (with Conditional GET support) or write it to a file.

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Skitsanos WDK

XML driven web project deployment solution for webware developers now with increased performance, more free schemas, better output customization and more new functions. This collection of objects extends standard IIS features and adding more new. Now you able to create enterprise webware projects in hours. Perfect developer's solution for building content management systems, portals, classifieds, trading systems. etc. Users Manual for ASP/WDK Developers can be found on content/wdk.aspx

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SiteAdmin WDK 3 (ASP Sources)

Powerful XML driven collection of classes and objects for ASP, which allows to create enterprise webware projects in hours. Ideal for building content management systems, portals, clasifields, trading systems, etc.

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ASP XML Parser Component

A fast, low-memory usage, XML parser specifically designed to be used server-side in ASP scripts. This DOM based parser is many times faster than MSXML, and consumes far less memory. Great for handling large XML data files. Also includes international character codeset conversion capability.

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Ektron eWebEditPro+XML

Ektron eWebEditPro+XML empowers business users to author XML content in a Smart Web Forms like word-processor, shielding them from the complexities of XML, in both IE and Netscape. Ektron Smart Web Forms let developers strictly enforce content accuracy. Built-in flexibility allows for robust customization. Customization examples including toolbar, dialog boxes, and right-mouse-click events

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Chilkat XML Parser Component

High-level non-validating XML parser component that is free for both commercial and non-commercial use. Load/save XML files to an in-memory document object model (DOM). Add name/value attribtes to nodes. Compress nodes or entire sub-trees using in-memory Zip compression. AES encrypt the content of a node. Numerous methods for iterating over the nodes in a document. Numerous methods for searching and sorting nodes in a document. API designed to make it easy to do frequently encountered tasks when working with XML. Makes it easy to handle binary data (such as image data) within XML files.

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