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TechDex CGI Blog 3.0
posted byBoraaninBlog
TechDex CGI Blog v3.0 is the latest blog release that includes includes powerful tools to help you deliver media rich, dynamic content over the web like posting videos from youtube, myspace and hulu.com. Managment is also now worry free with two very powerful tools that make your blog 100% customizable with NO Programming! Use them to make your blog look anyway you want to, or apply any template you wish, all from the simple point and click interface. TechDex CGI Blog also features html filtering in replies for safe content, special tags for font styles, images, urls, videos, smilies and more. CGI Blog also features a greatly improved administration control panel for message control, such as cancelling or editing threads and replies. Security features allow you to ban email & ip addresses, a keyword & profanity filter and captcha. For more information, features, and LIVE examples, please visit the techdex.net project site. Free setup assistance is available.
(3 ratings)
PriceUSD 39.99
posted byivj3painBlog
I-Blogger is a new content rich script for any kind of website. You can make it into a blog site for personal journals, poetry, fan sites, articles, webmaster tips, software sites, craft ideas, and so much more. Create your categories for your content, let your users sign up for a blog under your site and there you go!
(6 ratings)
PriceUSD 50.00
csBlog :: Easily maintain your own online Blog!
posted bymbaroneinBlog
Create your own blob site! Blogs are the fastest growing method of posting data on the Internet today. It is hard to hear a news story of any significance that does not reference a blog in one fashion or another. csBlog is a powerful blog (web log/journal) management tool. Use the script to create ongoing news items or journal entries. csBlog allows you to quickly and easily manage entries into your website with ease. Using only a web browser you can update your web long, adding story after story, journal entry after journal entry! You can even upload a photo in the web log entry to help get the story across, or to show a picture of the author.
(6 ratings)
PriceUSD 49.00
My Blog
posted bymikeinBlog
This blog script will quickly and easily allow you to post articles and comments for your readers to keep up with. You can select an image to go along with your entry and even attach files. Admin gets emailed when visitors leave comments. Data can be stored via MySQL or data files. MySQL optional. Pictures automatically resized when uploaded. Post from your email or cell phone. Specify how many blogs to display on a page. Plug-ins for My Calendar and My Photo Gallery available, with more to follow! There's also a comprehensive language module that makes translating My Blog a piece of cake. Already supported are English, Italian, and Finnish. Your visitors can also subscribe to email notifications of new entries, or use the RSS feed automatically generated by the script.
(13 ratings)
Leif Wright's blog script
posted byleifwrightinBlog
Free blog script allows user to make entries, edit them or delete them. Automatically lists all entries, plus lets users comment on entries and rank them. In addition, user can upload pictures or movies through the script and choose whether to review comments before they're posted. Readers can get e-mails telling them when blog is updated.
(9 ratings)
posted byJason SilverinBlog
An easy blog script which allows you to post from any web browser, or by sending an email to your pop account. Make posts with a PDA simply by mailing to your blog and syncing up. Blogs are saved as simple text files, easy to backup, easy to edit. Move blogs from one folder to another, delete them, edit them... all the time keeping a record of your edits. The BLOG script makes use of Blosxom, a free Perl script which reads text files and displays them as weblogs. The shortcoming of Blosxom is that there is no way to post new blogs to a web server via a browser. That's where this BLOG script comes in. It intelligently 'guesses' where to save the blog and keeps tracks of edits. Delete posts, move posts, edit posts from any browser. When edits are made, blogs are renamed, not deleted so you can view the history of your edits any time. This script is an inexpensive way to start your blogging. You'll love Blosxom for it's versatility and the many plugins that are already available. NEW: Post to this Blog script using a simple email message. If you can't connect to the web to post, but have email access, just send a quick note to your blog and it will post it. Password protected so your blogs are safe.
(3 ratings)
Price 6.95
Results 1-6 of 6