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TechDex CGI Blog 3.0
posted byBoraaninBlog
Simple yet powerful blog application that works as a standalone or include to any website.
PriceUSD 39.99
(3 ratings)
SitePM (with NiusanceTrapper & Spambuster)
Very powerful messaging add-on for you or your business. Offers amazing security.
PriceUSD 249.00
(0 ratings)
TechDex CGI Forum Software
TechDex CGI Forum Software is an incredibly powerful forum application that delivers media-rich and entertaining content (including audio and video) quickly.
PriceUSD 25.00
(0 ratings)
TechDex CGI Guestbook Software
posted byBoraaninGuestbooks
The TechDex CGI Guestbook Software is a simple guestbook with powerful security and control.
PriceUSD 5.00
(0 ratings)
TechDex Shopping Cart v1.0
Small, fast and reliable ASP shopping cart application with paypal support.
PriceUSD 35.00
(0 ratings)
TechDex Forward-A-Page Script
Forwarding referral script that allows the user to create custom links and types.
PriceUSD 5.00
(0 ratings)
Net::POP3 Web-based Email Client
Web-based Email Client written in Perl, using Net::POP3
PriceUSD 5.00
(0 ratings)