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Shopping Cart for Dating and Social Networking Site

Complete online shopping cart solution that works for dating and social networking sites. It also can be plugged into any kind of websites. Features include online catalog, shopping cart, checkout, and order processing. It also comes with Store Manager CMS to manage products, categories, orders, and customers.

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TechDex Shopping Cart v1.0

The TechDex ASP Shopping Cart v1.0 is a feature rich shopping cart solution. It was developed in ASP and is database driven and optimized for fast transactions. It is also fully customizable and can be easily integrated into any website. Features include:

1. Simple Administration allows addition, updating and removing of products from inventory.
2. Large 255 character descriptions.
3. Single product linking for pla...

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CandyPress Enhancements

Provides new features for CandyPress. Payments for non products such as services and auctions. The Flexible product displays remove the limitation on how you want a product to be shown. Can use it to display products with no ordering facilities and with your own HTML. Generic table editor, Bulk mailing, Bulk Export, Mail Merge.mail merge. Attachments can also be included in emails from the merchant as well as personalized bulk mail merge.

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Comersus Enhancements

New facilities include bulk mailing with and without mail merge. Dynamic content pages using your own HTML templates, Table editor gives you the ability to edit and table.
Bulk exporting allows you to select any table and fields for backup and export.
Email attachments to your customers from the back office.

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Boardwalk Web Store

The Boardwalk Web Store is a comprehensive business solution for your shopping cart, online web site, and complete web store. It offers superior product management by allowing unlimited: product categories, products, product options, and option values. It also provides automatic CREDIT CARD PROCESSING for and PayPal. Choose from 4 theme (skin) colors that controls the CSS fonts, hyperlinks and supporting graphic images. The administ...

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MX Store 3 Fusion edition

MX Store Fusion edition now allows you to change the ASP code as you see fit, with an all new product review system, star rateing facility and an new advertising area you can offer banner displaying on all pages of your store, you can now add a better professional edge to your online store.
The ASP script comes with the full working site, plus the MS Access database.

Release Date: March 2007


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E Smart Cart

E-Smart Cart Ecommerce website is a feature-rich, secure ecommerce solution which allows you to easily sell your products online. E-Smart Cart is a complete solution offering: integration with comparison shopping portals, Search Engine Friendly urls, built in email based forum.

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PDshop ASP Shopping Cart & Online Store

The storefront features Unlimited categories, subcategories, items, featured items, Inventory/Stock control, order status, password recovery, email notifications, order confirmations, and more. The built-in HTML editor allows for full formatting control. Compatible with the popular payment processors, Choose Advanced Integration for seamless credit card processing, or use the Simple Method / Weblink. Support for most webserver email components...

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VPASP Shopping Cart - Free Starter Pack

Grow your business online now with FREE shopping cart software! Use VP-ASP's open source system software to create your online store painlessly and get the tools every eCommerce system needs: the ability to take credit card orders, make a limitless catalog, offer customization, site search, and even a content management system to bring your website to life. VP-ASP's Shopping Cart Software adapts to any business's requirements!

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E-Store Setup w/Shopping Cart

This program was designed to be able to have an up-and-running e-commerce store in a matter of minutes. You will be able to specify the categories that you would like to have (shirts, hats, tools, etc.), and also insert the items within those categories. After completing the installation you will have an entire store ready for you to begin selling.

You have multiple options once the store is setup. You can add, edit, or remove ite...

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INFINICART - Reliable Ready Made Ecommerce Shopping Cart.

Infinicart is one of, if not the most flexible shopping cart software for online sellers like your self. It delivers features that put you in the driver seat. It gives you control, savings and bottom-line sales results. You pay only once, and you keep it. No monthly fees and the least programmer intervention for managing your site.

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MX Store 3 Free Edition

MX Store is a complete E-commerce package that allows store owners to add a line of products to the store from an easy to use administration control panel, add products with images, descriptions, postage costs and more just like any of the top online stores people use every day by using PayPal payment gateway. And now with MX Store's new and improved wish list and lightbox feature this script is one of the most professional ways to run an online...

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VP-ASP FEDEX Real Time Shipping Module

Allow your store to retrieve real time shipping rates and track orders fulfilled by FEDEX. Requires a FEDEX account number and is available for USA merchants only.

Obtain real time rates from FedEx Obtain separate rates for different delivery addresses Drop ship using supplier addresses for shipping locations Supports both US domestic and international shipping Merchant can apply surcharges based on a percent of the shipping c...

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VP-ASP Loyalty Program

Provides you with the ability to allocate rewards points to your customers based on purchasing activity at your online store. These points are redeemable for purchases or discounts at your online store. Points can be converted to gift certificate or discount coupon Conversion rate of points to currency is set by the merchant Customer can select the number of points to be converted Customer can review number of points available to be converted...

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Price: USD 75.00

VP-ASP Recurring Billing

The recurring billing facility adds the facility to sell products such as subscriptions, which require that you bill the customer on a periodic basis such as week, month or year. The billing can be set-up automatically when a customer purchases a product from the shop or it can be manually created.

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Price: USD 75.00

VP-ASP Pin Number Delivery System

The pin number enhancement sends information to the customer such a pin number or other information. It is used primarily to sell phone cards on the Internet but can be used to send other unique product details related to a product which is obtained by looking in the pin numbers table.

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VP-ASP Gift Registry

For Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Christmas Wish Lists and general events. Select items from your Internet Store and then friends, family can purchase the items you have pre-selected.

Modify the registry at any time by adding or deleting items. View what items have been bought and which remain. Ship to yourself, your partner or to a third party. Automatically sends thanks you notes on each purchase with a personalized messag...

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VP-ASP Plus! Pac Shopping Cart Software

VP-ASP Plus includes all of the fantastic features of the Value Pac, plus a whole range of features added that will increase customer satisfaction and make light work of updating your products. Package includes 150 support points plus free upgrade for 12 months.

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Price: USD 375.00


Quickly create stunning e-commerce websites with iNTELcart, the intelligent e-commerce solution. iNTELcart is a downloadable scripts package, and it's all you need to manage your very own e-commerce website! EASY, AFFORDABLE, SECURE. Scripts features include: unlimited products, variable menu depth, language-independent (use it in any language you want), dual-language, multiple payment gateways, on-site content management system, user-defined s...

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webShaper e-commerce software

webShaper ecommerce is storefront software designed for Small and Mid-sized Retailers(SMEs) to SELL MORE online. It provides all the tools needed to boost sales, run promotions, reward loyal customers, web traffic tracking and more! What makes webShaper better than other store front systems is its simplicity. Everything in webShaper e-commerce the interface, the functionality, the process flow is tuned for efficiency to help merchants to SELL...

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Price: USD 799.00