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Average Member Rating: 3.38/5

Top Script ....

Reviewed by Anonymous on Sun, 11th March 2007
Rating: 5 - Excellent

Im sure some people have got no brains... Fancy giving a script a bad rating for the fact that the site was down( but misteriosly it works 10 mins later lol) and that the was a file missing, im using this script and mine work GREAT 5 STAR ive had no problems what so ever, and ive made over 600 though it and the script dident cost me a penny, So dont be dis-heartened by the bad comments lads, i think you script is the dogs, best one ive seen available for free...

CodeFireMX Mon, 12th March 2007

This user has used the script to its full potential and has been a great help in the development of the new update that will be available for MX3 Free edition on release of our pro edition..... So to thank you we have offered you a full free lisence of MX3 Pro.....

MX 3 Store missing file!

Reviewed by Anonymous on Mon, 15th January 2007
Rating: 2 - Fair

Looks good but I found the file "adminmenu.asp" was missing. I will re-rate this if I can get hold of the missing file from their support.

CodeFireMX Mon, 12th March 2007

The file that was missing was not even needed it the website, it was an include that was used to test our server and should of been blanked out.....You are the first person out of over 500 users to to remove the asp blankout (') and have it cause you a problem... but what i dont understand is that you posted a bad review before even asking for our support and when you did eventually come to us for help you hd a response with the missing include file within 1 hour....

What a script, no way should this be FREE..

Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 2nd August 2006
Rating: 5 - Excellent

Testing this script was a dream, very impressed, some of the features are great with smooth actions and a easy to use interface, both admin & customer side....
I can not beleave that someone has left a bad review for the fact of the site being rebuilt, people just pick at anything now-a-days.

5 Star rating, top class script, cant wait to beta test the pro version.

Sounds nice, but....

Reviewed by Anonymous on Sun, 30th July 2006
Rating: 1 - Poor

Tried to download, but got an error
/mxstore3/inc_detail.asp, line 36

Not very conforting, as they are promoting an ASP download. But it is free. Thanks for showing me your site.

CodeFireMX Mon, 12th March 2007

We had installed a new type of system, and it was unreliable, we are noe using a totaly different method, sorry for any problems this may have caused you...

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