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User Authentication

Collection of commercial and free PHP user authentication scripts. These scripts allows you to add a member-only area on your site by offering user registration, login, and management.
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PHP Authentication
PHP Authentication is a web service accessed via POST requests, producing XML output. It supports the following operations: register, unregister, verify account, log in, log out, request login data, get current user name, set private data, get private data, send invitation, get remaining invitations, delete expired data. Completely customizable, easily integrates with the client side.
(3 ratings)
PriceUSD 49.95
php easy :: admin login scripts set
This set contains 3 ready-to-use admin login scripts using 3 different authentication methods: 1. HTTP Authentication; 2. Cookies; 3. Sessions. All the three provide the same security level and do not require any DB. Minor differences: in cookie version you can also specify the number of days to keep your cookie alive while in other two versions the session will expire when you close your browser window, and in HTTP Authentication version there is no real logout but just a redirection to the root folder while there is no way to unset server globals from within the script - you will be logged out automatically as soon as you close the browser window to terminate the session.
(6 ratings)
Ollance Member Login Script
Ollance Member Login is a PHP membership management system. Your clients can access your products through client area which is protected by password. You can easy to create and manage your clients as well as protected groups. Ollance Member Login is your solution if you have a subscription service or providing downloadable products or even you want to make secure system for your members... This script is helpful if you have selling ebook, software or even subscription websites and want to protect your products. More information with features and online demo is available at Ollance website
(3 ratings)
PriceUSD 29.99
PHP Login Script
A simple homemade PHP login script with captcha registration and forgot password feature. You can protect sensitive web pages against spam and bots using this login script.
(15 ratings)
Basic PHP Login
This Login script is meant to be a building block for additional modules that will be added as it matures. Currently this script supports self registration, reset/change password, separate admin users, login and logoff, a separate members area, update/delete members from admin area etc...
(9 ratings)
Max's Site Protector
Max's Site Protector is a simple PHP based script which helps you to protect your pages with password. Setting up a password protected page is very easy. You only need to add 1 line of code to all of your pages you want to protect and that's all. You need to login only once and all protected pages will be available for you. The script uses CSS so changing the style is very simple. An example code is attached to the installation package.
(39 ratings)
Micro Protector
Micro Protector is a small PHP script which helps you to protect your pages with password. To create your own password protected page you only need to insert 1 line at the beginning of your page code.
(19 ratings)
Simpli Easy Members Script
Simpli Easy Members Script was created for the beginner or advanced programmer who requires a members area for their website. The Simpli Easy Members Script is packed full of features, Auto Register, send the user an email with User Name and Password for reference. You can have a download area after login "Already Pre-made". An Administration Control Panel, to Add, Edit, Modify or Delete Members. Your members have the option to Add Contacts with Comments, update their email and password, plus send you a support question through a form. You can even add what types of files can be added for upload just by adding mime types to the script. The script comes with an install file that makes it easy to get it started. You can use this members script for just about anything that requires registration. It also includes a forgotten password to help those who forgot theirs. The script will email them a new auto created one until they change theirs.
(12 ratings)
PriceUSD 4.95
A PHP User Login Script
P.U.L.S enables users to register and then login to a website or -page. It is user friendly (password retrieval, remeber me function), developer friendly (script stays in one directory but can protect pages anywhere in your website, seperate HTML-, config- and laguage files, register option can be switched on or off), and secure (passwords are sent and stored encrypted, user input is filtered to prevent code injection). Requires PHP >= 5 and MySQL.
(131 ratings)
ppSD2 Membership Software
ppSD2 is PHP/MySQL-based membership software that is installed directly on your website (click here for requirements) and runs online from any web browser, making it accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. The program allows you to establish member types, secure and deliver content, sell memberships with recurring dues, and manage memberships, all for as low as $13/month with no contracts and no hidden fees. Beyond the standard feature-set, the program employs a number of tools to maintain a flexible and highly customizable framework, including brandable templates, custom hooks, and preset integration with 3rd party modules like Wordpress, Drupal, and phpBB. This allows ppSD2 to adapt to your specific requirements without forcing you to alter your business's existing framework.
(46 ratings)
PriceUSD 19.00
Deadlock User Management System
Deadlock is a powerful, customizable, fully featured user management system which protects web directories and documents using Apache's htaccess and htpasswd. Deadlock is written in PHP and uses MySQL to store user information. It features email verification and administrator approval capabilities requiring that the administrator approve accounts before they become active. Deadlock supports both basic and digest authentication.
(116 ratings)
Authelo is a PHP based website password protection solution available for a low $29. - Rapidly manage your customers' accounts. - Avoid writing .htaccess files by hand. - Never reset another password. - Enjoy a user-interface that doesn't suck! Authelo is compatible with most UNIX based web servers. We promise that Authelo has a much more intuitive, easy to use interface than our competitors. This means you will get more done in less time, and with less chance of mistakes. It's available for US$29 for a single website license, and we offer a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. Why not check out the demo now?
(0 ratings)
PriceUSD 29.00
Sitelok can password protect and control access to html or PHP pages within your website. You can separate your site into members only areas and each user can be a member of multiple areas. New users can be added to Sitelok either manually via the Sitelok admin panel, via user registration forms,from a PHP script using the Sitelok API or via free payment plugins for Paypal, Stripe or 2CO. A users membership of an area can be set to expire after a fixed number of days or can be left open. Once setup making a page secure is simply a matter of adding a snippet to the top of the page. The Sitelok control panel provides an easy to use and powerful way to manage users and provides access to a log that stores each users access. You can also send template based email to one or more members (with multiple conditions) making Sitelok a powerful way to keep in touch. Everything the user sees is 100% customizable. We have a wide range of free and paid for add ons for the new plugin system too.
(341 ratings)
PriceUSD 39.95
aMember Pro
aMember is a flexible membership software with full-featured subscription management. It has support for PayPal, 2Checkout, ccBill, Clickbank, Authorize.net, WorldPay, LinkPoint, NoChex and other payment systems (50+ payment systems currently supported), and allows you to setup paid-membership areas on your site. It offers unique protection methods to setup HTML login forms (no annoying login popups!) for any type of content. aMember Pro can be used without any payment system - you can manage users manually. It allows you to create different subscription types with different prices, periods and access permissions. Integrated with Joomla, vBulletin, InvisionBoard and 50+ other third-party scripts. Free trial available, free installation and initial configuration is included into the product price.
(20 ratings)
Access_user Class
Access_user Class is an easy to use system for protecting pages and register users. They main features are: User-login, user registration, user update, remember login information, page protection, forgotten password recovery, mail based account activation and multi language message reporting and since the latest versions: maintain extra user profile information, access levels, a limited (safe) admin panel, manual account activation and an improved password check. The class is powered by MySQL and PHP sessions. Inside the package are examples for all primary methods. The latest version is a stable release and is used by a large community. Since version 1.92 custom session handler are supported.
(33 ratings)
Login Manager
Login Manager V3.0 is designed for web administrator to easily manage user accounts, create membership protected areas on the website, and provide capability to effortlessly limit user's access to secured areas. Login Manger V3.0(LM3.0) uses PHP and MySQL for lightning fast processing. LM3.0 comes with an admin control panel where administrator can create new user account, new secured access area, activate/deactivate user account, send mass email etc. LM3.0 is an authentication system which can integrate with any existing website that meets the requirements. LM3.0 provides a gatekeeper where user must be authorized before entering the membership secured areas. The software is very versatile and can be used so that either the administrator creates new member accounts or let users sign up and create their own account, in later case the software will validate user's email before activate new account for this user, see our demo for more features.
(249 ratings)
PriceUSD 79.00
AdminPro Class
AdminPro is a user authentication class based on MySQL and the PHP Session functions. It was written for Web sites that need some password protected areas. It includes a user management application script and a MySQL table setup application script. The class can allow a user to login and logout via Web-based forms, expire the session of an authenticated user if it passed a given session timeout, display error messages and point the user to the login page when the user is not authenticated or the login session expired, and check whether a logged user has administrator or user group privileges.
(6 ratings)
Simple Text-File Login Script
The SiTeFiLo PHP script is a perfect solution for small sites without SQL server which require user authentication, logging of login attempts and encrypted passwords for less than 100 users.
(28 ratings)
Authentication & Membership Management Software
Authentication, Membership Management script. One Click Web Password Protection. Member area in minutes. No programming skills, self-installing. Completed Simple and Pro Membership Management software solutions - Free or(and) Paid Membership, PayPal IPN, Authorize.net integration (under development), Unlimited number of Protected Areas, Login-redirection to personal folders. Free of charge setup and support. Web based Admin Control Panel with all conceivable operations and user area (adaptive forms and modules) support manual and online Membership management. Set it up and launch at once your membership site. One click on the folder - directory will be protected and Membership site created. Your web site is ready to register and authenticate users. Today you ordered product, tomorrow it brings money. New marketing strategy.
(113 ratings)
PriceUSD 29.00
Obie Quick AUTH
Obie Quick Authentication script (supports one user) uses COOKIE to store the loging session. Also features: EASY to use, only 5 lines to add into any page that requires authentication. ENCRYPT password with an Empression that uses MD5(). Uses COOKIE to store the loging session. Supports any QUERY STRING of the page Mini Control Panel with loging out and changing new password. Can place the script file in anywhere in your server.
(27 ratings)
Results 41-60 of 71