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FLV Podcaster Generator
FLV Podcaster Generator If you are a podcaster, you already know that manually generating your podcast feeds is a real pain. You do have a hard time to figure out all the required tags and how to put the information. And if you are publishing several podcasts a week, the pain is even more to edit and update the feeds. Webmaster Podcaster makes generating and maintaining your podcast feeds a breeze. So if you are generating a podcast feed that has 50 items and you want to edit the 34th item on the 6th week, it will take a few seconds with FLV Podcaster. You do not need to worry about the tags etc. The software will ask for the required information and will generate your feed instantly. The software works on two different modes - that is normal and iTunes, which is even more helpful if you are publishing both! And as a bonus it has a built-in audio recorder to give a jump start to new podcasters.
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PriceUSD 99.95
XMLNuke is Web Development Framework fully based on XML. Programming with XMLNuke Framework you create your website based on your data (XML) moving the design and the operational system to a second layer. To aid in this work the XMLNuke provides several classes for abstract the use of XML and the environment it xmlnuke is running. XMLNuke is a site content management also and uses only XML/XSL files. No database is needed and it has a minimum setup. The XMLNuke becomes in a two flavors: PHP5 and CSharp and both running in Linux and Windows without any modifications or adjusts in your code.
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Ektron CMS300
Ektron CMS300, a full-featured XML content management solution, lets users author XML and HTML Web content. It strictly enforces content and page layout, delivers content to multiple devices, offers Active Directory and load balancing support, and shares XML content across B2B transactions. Offers robust content management functionality, advanced XML authoring, XML schema validation, and quick integration. Among many of its cool features, one is now able to predefine a web form to send content as email, keep track and display all events and activities on a calendar style and edit images directly through a web browser by performing more than 20 popular image editing tasks and reducing the need for working offline. Runs on the Microsoft ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, and Macromedia ColdFusion platforms (within a Microsoft server environment).
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Price 6,600.00
Results 1-3 of 3