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Average Member Rating: 3.43/5

50 positive ratings??? From whom? Reviewed by Anonymous on Mon, 23rd November 2009

Rating: 1 - Poor

The DH software is full of bugs. Stops working all the time, generates errors when it does. You cannot build any kind of business on this. The company appears to be one guy operating out of his apartment - IMPOSSIBLE to get any support. Waste of time and money. It has 648 votes at with 1 star of 5. That is much more realistic.

Horrible Product - keeps breaking, ZERO support, even paid support. Reviewed by Anonymous on Sat, 7th November 2009

Rating: 1 - Poor

I have been using this program, the DH MLM software for 6 months. It gives nothing but problems; the code breaks all the time. My webmaster is sick of fixing it. It is next to impossible to even communicate to the seller, much less get any support. If you want any kind of reliable system on which you can build a business, this is not it.

Terrible Support! Reviewed by Anonymous on Wed, 22nd July 2009

Rating: 1 - Poor

I will never do business with this company again!

The script doesn't even work!!!

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