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Pretty Good Tool But More Support Needed Reviewed by artsymomlv on Wed, 14th August 2013

Rating: 3 - Average

I downloaded this so that the company I work for could use it for our CAPTCHA. We used it for one site and the a few months later we are trying it on another. We have some questions but unfortunately support has run out since we are past our 30 days purchase point. The product is very complicated in many ways and even though it doesn't require hand coding, you'd better be willing to put some time in or already know what you're doing with PHP scripting. One little thing done wrong, the whole thing breaks. I am still trying to figure out how to get the invalid code message to pop up.

No need to touch the code Reviewed by Anonymous on Sun, 20th January 2008

Rating: 5 - Excellent

The best feature I found on this captcha is that I have been able to install it into my forms without any hand coding, the security image and validation code were inserted correctly into my pages after a click from the Dreamweaver interface. It really works out of the box.

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