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Average Member Rating: 4.44/5

Great Photo Album

Reviewed by Anonymous on Thu, 28th June 2007
Rating: 5 - Excellent

It didn't take me long to realize that this was just right for me. Easy install (but do it manually. Even though the automatic installer is extremely easy you don't have the full functionality of phpAlbum when using it) and easy to handle when you get started. Highly recommended

Good, but.

Reviewed by Anonymous on Thu, 17th May 2007
Rating: 4 - Very Good

This is a great little script. As has been stated the English isn't too good, and there are a few modifications that could make it even better.
One thing I noticed is that the cookies are not encrypted, so ftp passwords and admin passwords are VERY accessible. Planning on doing some heavy modding as I'm using this for a photographer's travel gallery.

PHP Photo Album

Reviewed by Anonymous on Thu, 22nd March 2007
Rating: 5 - Excellent

I race on Sunday night with a bunch of guys from around the world and we all take pictures of our races. Well because I know a bit about web site development they asked me to find a photo gallery and I've looked at quit a few. I like PHP Photo Album for these reasons First it was very EZ install, second my questions had been asked and answered, and third it allows are members to upload there images without seperate ftp accounts. see it working at

PHP Album Simple and effective

Reviewed by Anonymous on Mon, 27th February 2006
Rating: 4 - Very Good

What a great little online album with excellent easy to use and configure template. Helps if you understand php and html a little to modify to your needs but over all a great script. English is a little incorrect but that is not a major issue, easy to fix.

Easy to use

Reviewed by Anonymous on Sat, 14th January 2006
Rating: 5 - Excellent

This photo album is easy to use & install.I only had one glitch & that was with the home link.I didn't realise the script inserts http://automatically.An email to the author via his website provided a quick answer to my problem. I highly commend this author for his contribution to open source software.
As more functionality & themes are added this will definiely be a popular script

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