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Average Member Rating: 3.30/5

vBWar 3.0 Plus

Reviewed by Anonymous on Mon, 7th February 2005
Rating: 5 - Excellent

I have been involved in the beta-testing process for vBWar 3.0 (Plus version) and have also seen some exciting screenshots from the Pro version as well. I have worked on vBulletin boards for many years now, and applied many modifications and hacks in my time. vBWar 3.0 is one of the most complex and complete scripts integrated that I have seen so far. With plans in the works for a complete Clan Leader Control Panel in the vein of the standard vBulletin AdminCP or ModCP, this will allow not only board Admin's but each Clan Leader to administer every feature of their clan. The features include Unlimited Divisions within a clan, per-clan Games, as well as per Member games: each member has a profile to specify their favourite maps, as well as to show off their Gaming rig statistics and specifications. The Plus version contains many many features, but the upcoming Pro version will include a "Server Stats" piece with communications between game servers and the vBWar application handled behind the scenes, live game status reports can be gleaned with ease. Following this, a Portal version is in the pipeline with plans for Links and Downloads scripts, Reviews and Galleries all integrated into the Clan script: now clan gamers don't need to shell out for many different scripts, they will be able to get everything in the one place. I for one am very impressed: take my advice and check it out!

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