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Attachments Processor for Outlook
The program can automatically extract attachments from incoming messages to save them to disk (they are replaced with a link to the file or with a text description), unpack archived attachments, and pack attachments in the outgoing messages.
PriceUSD 39.00
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MAPILab Share`n`Sync
Synchronization and shared access for Microsoft Outlook folders.
PriceUSD 49.00
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MAPILab Rules for Exchange
Program for creating and managing Microsoft Exchange Server and Small Business Server 2000/2003 server rules for processing incoming messages.
PriceUSD 249.00
(1 ratings)
Native POP3 Connector
Native POP3 Connector offers a standard solution for the problem with receiving mail through the POP3 protocol for Microsoft Exchange Server 2000/2003 and Small Business Server 2000/2003. NPC is a standard solution for MS Exchange Server: Connector.
PriceUSD 79.00
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Mail Recovery for Outlook Express
Recover deleted messages and mail from damaged folders and dbx files in OE
PriceUSD 24.00
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MAPILab Groupware Server
Share any Outlook folders with your team without Exchange Server.
PriceUSD 49.00
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Duplicate Email Remover
Delete duplicate emails and posts in Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server folders; search across your folders. A duplicate found can also be marked, copied or moved to any other folder. Works as an add-in for Microsoft Outlook. Free trial.
PriceUSD 24.00
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Add Contacts
Microsoft Outlook add-in. Add Contacts automatically, adds e-mail addresses to the contact folder when you reply to a message and/or send a new message. This will help you avoid losing addresses of people you correspond with.
PriceUSD 15.00
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MAPILab Toolbox
A set of 18 "must have" Microsoft Outlook 2003-2013 add-ins for high-performance and useful functionality: you can schedule message sending; access files from your computer through email; manage your contact base; redirect your messages, and more.
PriceUSD 24.00
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Send Personally for Outlook Express
Send Outlook Express message to many recipients personally
PriceUSD 24.00
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Mail Merge Toolkit
Mail Merge Toolkit is a powerful add-in for Microsoft Office that extends mail merging capabilities in Word and Publisher. Allows you to insert data fields into subject fields, add attachments, send emails in GIF, HTML, RTF and text formats.
PriceUSD 24.00
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Print Tools for Outlook
As a rule, it automatically prints out messages and/or attachments; prints any Microsoft Outlook items; has manual mode and wizard to print items within a date range; prints documents from ZIP and RAR archives; prints only specified file types.
PriceUSD 24.00
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E-mail Follow-Up
E-mail Follow-Up can monitor sent messages left unanswered. This add-in allows you to set the period of time that the sender should wait for the reply. If the reply isn't received within the specified time the program will notify the sender.
PriceUSD 24.00
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HarePoint Active Directory Self Service
With this SharePoint 2010/2007 webpart administrators can provide users with the possibility to update their Active Directory profiles. For example, to change the mobile phone number or photo. It helps to maintain AD profiles practically at no cost.
PriceUSD 299.00
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HarePoint Password Change for SharePoint
SharePoint 2010/2007 web part which allows the user to change Active Directory password without help of IT staff. Can send series of e-mail notifications about password expiration to be sure that all remote users change password in time.
PriceUSD 649.00
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Send Personally
Add-in offers an alternative method of sending messages from Microsoft Outlook, separate message being created for each recipient. The final recipient will see only his/her name and address in the "To" field.
PriceUSD 24.00
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HarePoint Short URL for SharePoint
HarePoint Short URL is intended for creation of short links in for SharePoint site pages, documents, views and list items. The usage of short URLs allows you to transfer the addresses over the phone; print them in commercials or place them in blog.
PriceUSD 499.00
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HarePoint Content and Workflow Migrator
Simple, quick and error-free migration of SharePoint Content Types, Lists, Document libraries and workflows between SharePoint sites as well as between SharePoint document libraries and the file system.
PriceUSD 1,200.00
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