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Aurigma Image Uploader (ASP)
posted byinfoinUpload Systems
Solution for mass file and folder uploads directly from browser. Benefits: support of all server platforms and all modern browsers, client-side image resize, user-friendly look and feel and more.
PriceUSD 149.00
(6 ratings)
Aurigma Graphics Mill
Imaging SDK for .NET Windows Forms and ASP.NET app developers (AJAX enabled)
PriceUSD 499.00
(0 ratings)
Aurigma Advanced PSD Add-on
posted byinfoinSoftware
.NET component for PSD file processing (extract raster and text layers, etc
PriceUSD 379.00
(0 ratings)
Aurigma Red-Eye Removal Add-on
posted byinfoinSoftware
.NET component for semi-automatic and manual red-eye effect removal
PriceUSD 249.00
(0 ratings)
Aurigma PhotoEditor
ASP.NET online photo editing app which allows to crop, remove red eyes, etc.
PriceUSD 949.00
(1 ratings)
Aurigma File Downloader
ActiveX control for mass file and folder download directly from the browser.
PriceUSD 149.00
(0 ratings)
Aurigma Image Uploader Flash
posted byinfoinUpload Systems
Versatile solution for multifile uploads from a browser directly to your website
PriceUSD 499.00
(3 ratings)
Aurigma Media Manager for Joomla!
Media manager for Joomla! with advanced multiple file uploader
PriceUSD 199.00
(0 ratings)
Aurigma Cloud Media Manager for Joomla!
Alternative media manager for Joomla! with Amazon S3 support
PriceUSD 199.00
(0 ratings)
Aurigma Video Uploader
posted byinfoinMiscellaneous
A solution that let your website’s users upload ready-to-broadcast videos
PriceUSD 999.00
(0 ratings)