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ClientEngage Project Platform - PHP Project Management Script
The ClientEngage Project Platform is a fully-featured PHP project management script which gives you the tools to more closely interact with your clients when you are working together on projects.
PriceUSD 25.00
(9 ratings)
Visitor Voice - Effective Website Surveys
ClientEngage Visitor Voice is a fully featured engine for creating customer feedback and enquiry forms. With Visitor Voice you can create a quick and easy questionnaire which you can insert into any website, simply by including a small JavaScript snippet.
PriceUSD 18.00
(0 ratings)
PHP Chat with Web- & Windows Clients - VisitorChat
Visitor Chat is a fully-featured real-time chat for your websites. A clear and simple web-based administration allows you to conveniently chat with your visitors. And best of all: Visitor Chat comes with a Windows-based client out-of-the-box!
PriceUSD 30.00
(9 ratings)
WordPress Live Chat with Web- & Windows Clients
A fully-featured live-chat for your WordPress sites with a web- and Windows-based client
PriceUSD 30.00
(3 ratings)
Design Note - Easy Client Feedback on Your Designs
DesignNote helps you get your clients' feedback on your design. DesignNote helps you get to the core of what your clients think to deliver superior value.
PriceUSD 18.00
(0 ratings)
NotePlex - Your Own SaaS Note-Taking App
NotePlex is a fully-featured SaaS note-taking app. Roll your own SaaS platform, grow your userbase and start collecting advertising-revenues as your users multiply.
PriceUSD 20.00
(0 ratings)
UberPanel - Sliding Panel Plugin for WordPress
UberPanel is a plugin which adds a widgetised sliding panel to any WordPress theme. It provides you with an unobtrusive way to add additional space to your theme.
PriceUSD 14.00
(0 ratings)
TodoMonkey - PHP SaaS Todo-List App With Ad Areas
TodoMonkey is a fully-featured SaaS todo-list manager. Roll your own SaaS platform, grow your user-base and start collecting advertising-revenues as your users multiply.
PriceUSD 24.00
(4 ratings)
Uber Chat - Ultimate Live Chat with Windows Client
UberChat is the Ultimate Support Chat Plugin for WordPress | Live-Chat, Operator-Initiated Chats, WordPress & Windows Clients
PriceUSD 33.00
(0 ratings)