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Product Updates Notifications
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Advertising)

Keep your customers informed about new products, stock additions or special promotions with the Product Updates Notifications Magento extension

0.00 0 34 06/09/2011

Refer a Friend
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Advertising)

Refer a Friend extension is a smart piece of software that helps you benefit from a combination of viral and affiliate marketing (without launching a conventional affiliate program).

0.00 0 55 06/09/2011

Review Rotator
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Advertising)

The Review Rotator module allows you to easily display a random set of product reviews on your store’s website

0.00 0 46 06/09/2011

RSS Reader
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Advertising)

With the RSS Reader Magento extension, you can place an RSS feed on your store pages in just few minutes.

0.00 0 48 06/09/2011

Search Autocomplete and Suggest
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Search)

The Search Autocomplete and Suggest Magento extension makes it simple for your customers to find exactly what they need quickly and conveniently.

0.00 0 78 06/09/2011

(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Advertising)

The Sociable extension is a perfect solution for social bookmarking your products and store pages.

0.00 0 53 06/09/2011

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Customer Service)

With the Subscriptions and Recurring Payments extension you can accept recurring payments and sell subscription products in your Magento store more easily and efficiently.

0.00 0 47 06/09/2011

Ultimate SEO Suite
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / SEO)

Suite extension which adds canonical links to the head of each product page. Thus search engines will know the preferred URL that the duplicate content refers to.

0.00 0 107 06/09/2011

Video Testimonials
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Customer Service)

With the Video Testimonials extension both you and your customers can easily upload video from your computer or YouTube exactly on the product page.

0.00 0 51 06/09/2011

Who Bought This Also Bought
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Pricing & Promotion)

With the Who Bought This Also Bought extension you can stimulate your customers to buy more by exposing them to a set of additional products most relevant to their purchase.

0.00 0 53 06/09/2011

Who Viewed This Also Viewed
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Advertising)

The Who Viewed This Also Viewed module from aheadWorks Co. allows displaying a set of additional products which was also viewed by other customers while visiting the same product page

0.00 0 41 06/09/2011

(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Content Management)

The Z-Blocks extension allows you to create an unlimited number of static blocks and content items.

0.00 0 47 06/09/2011

Featured Products 3
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Advertising)

Showcase top products of your store in an eye-catching and attractive sliding gallery

0.00 0 60 06/09/2011

Auction Module For Magento By FmeAddons
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Pricing & Promotion)

Use Fme's auction extension to create an eBay like auction system in your magento store.

0.00 0 11 06/10/2014

One-Click Cart Checkout
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Checkout)

One-Click Cart Checkout combines several steps into one easy and convenient step – on one easy-to-read page.

0.00 0 147 06/14/2011

Brand Banner HD
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Advertising)

Brand Banner HD is the penultimate extension that gives you freedom and ease every step of the way!

0.00 0 51 06/14/2011

Geo Tag Cloud
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Content Management)

Geo Tag Cloud Extension will automatically detect preferred user’s language basing on his browser locale settings and translate all tags into users language.

0.00 0 53 06/14/2011

Grouped Options
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Catalog)

Grouped Options for Magento enables simple products with required custom options and configurable products to be associated with grouped products. Grouped Options will streamline your customer's experience and increase your sales.

0.00 0 67 10/14/2011

Advanced Dataflow Magento Extension
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Administration)

Full-fledged orders import / export and the set of other useful adapters and parsers.

0.00 0 46 06/24/2011

Magento one step checkout
(Plugins / Magento Extensions / Checkout)

All checkout information such as billing address, shipping method, payment method, etc… appear together in one page so that customers do not have to click any button to see the next steps.

0.00 0 54 07/29/2011

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