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Bootstrap Vote Up/Down

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Did you ever wanted a smart up and down vote script for your website? Well here it comes, it can be used for comments, simple votes, contact page, website feedback and many more your imagination is the limit.

Vote Up/Down from JAKWEB d...

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Added On: Tue, 19th September 2017

Bootstrap 4 Password Meter

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Password indicators shown how strong the password is in a graphical or text way, it has been proven that user actually use a stronger password when they see how strong or weak the password is.

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Added On: Tue, 19th September 2017

Facebook Live Clone

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsXML & JavaScript

Streaming broadcaster can allow viewers to watch streaming either for free or for fixed price and you will get commission for every video.

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Added On: Fri, 1st September 2017

TinyMce Spellchecker Demo

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsXML & JavaScript

Tinymce Spellchecker Examples. A package containing downloadable examples of the Nanospell spellchecker plugin for tinymce. The examples contain HTML and Javascript source-code which shows how to add a working spellchecker capacity to any web appl...

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Added On: Sat, 9th July 2016

Message Hero's SMS API

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsXML & JavaScript

A powerful, yet simple way for businesses to integrate SMS sending into their website, app or software using Message Hero's RESTful SMS API. Like Message Hero it's free to use the API, there are no monthly fees or charges, just a simple cost per SMS...

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Added On: Wed, 20th May 2015

Parsing complex XML documents/strings with ease

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsXML & JavaScript

Focus on building effective Xpath expressions instead of wasting time on browser compatibility issues.

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Added On: Tue, 16th December 2014

Twitter Headlining Tool by Keyword

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsXML & JavaScript

This script loads most recent tweets from twitter by keyword of your choice. All you have to do is change the phrase that is specified in the code. The code is well enough commented for you to know what to change. You can also change the colors of...

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Added On: Sun, 17th October 2010

The Ultimate Gallery

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsXML & JavaScript

The Ultimate Gallery is fully cross-browser compliant and employs several Internet Web Development Technologies.

Gallery size, title, functionality, and images are defined in a single XML. NO other external files are required. All skin...

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Added On: Sun, 9th August 2009

qiz photo tagging

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsXML & JavaScript

qizphototagging is the premier application for easy picture tagging over the web, picture tag tool ideally combines all most popular tagging options similar to the facebook,flickr etc. script extremely asily can be integrated to any website with powe...

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Added On: Sun, 26th July 2009

gAjax RSS Ticker

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsXML & JavaScript

gAjax RSS Ticker is a flexible RSS ticker that doesn't require you to install any server side script to run. You can display results from multiple feeds intermixed, sort them in a variety of ways, specify how many entries to show at once, what portio...

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Added On: Thu, 20th September 2007

AJAX and JavaScript Barcode Generator

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsXML & JavaScript

The AJAX and JavaScript Barcode Generator is native JavaScript that creates barcodes in AJAX Web Applications, Oracle Reports and HTML. This product is 100% pure JavaScript.

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Added On: Thu, 21st June 2007

Create RSS Feed

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsXML & JavaScript

Need an RSS News, Blog or article feed for your website. Learn how to create RSS feeds and syndicate your feed to 100+ websites in less then 45 minutes.

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Added On: Fri, 27th April 2007

Simple Javascript questionnaire Script

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsXML & JavaScript

a simple javascript questionnaire script driven by xml files, css style, html template highly customizable.

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Added On: Wed, 14th March 2007

web rss feeder

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsXML & JavaScript

Easy to integrate in your website/blog(works with WordPress, blogspot etc.), with some handy options too. It's also fully CSS customizable from your own template. Just go to configuration page, get the code for your settings, and you are up and runni...

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Added On: Thu, 22nd February 2007

SoftXMLLib - JavaScript XML Library

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsXML & JavaScript

SoftXMLLib is a cross-browser JavaScript Library. Any web developer dealing with XML data knows about hard job he must implement in order to make things working perfectly in all browsers.

This libriary makes working with XML DOM an...

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Added On: Sun, 14th January 2007

SoftXMLLib cross-browser JavaScript XML Library

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsXML & JavaScript

SoftXMLLib includes basic functions and properties that Microsoft.XMLDOM ActiveXObject has.

Main problem with manipulating XML files is a compatibility across different web browsers.

The purpose of the SoftXMLLib Libra...

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Added On: Thu, 30th November 2006

DomAxh - DOM translated Asynchronous XHTML

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsXML & JavaScript

DomAXh is a javascript file that inserts XMLHTTP requests results into your page, by translating plain XHTML (plain 'ol HTML that follows certain basic rules) into XML and then back into your page via the browsers DOM.
So not having to reload ...

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Added On: Fri, 13th October 2006

AJAX-enabled Help Balloons/Tooltips

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsXML & JavaScript

Built on the prototype and Scriptaculous javascript libraries, these easy-to-use help balloons give you the ability to add specific information without taking up precious page realestate. You can specify the balloon content statically, or use AJAX to...

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Added On: Sat, 19th August 2006

Dynamic Tools Ajax Script

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsXML & JavaScript

Starting out with Ajax can be a bit daunting. A lot of the scripts you'll find aren't threadsafe, can only send get requests or just plain aren't flexible.

This script allows you to send an Ajax request with just a single line of cod...

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Added On: Wed, 9th August 2006

Ajax XML ticker (txt file)

ScriptsJavaScriptScripts & ProgramsXML & JavaScript

This is an Ajax enhanced ticker script that lets you use a text file as the contents of the ticker to show! Easily define your messages, which support rich HTML, all inside this external text file.

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Added On: Mon, 24th April 2006