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Pricing & Promotion

Collection of Magento pricing and promotion extensions that will allow you to further customize the pricing and discount system offered in Magento.

Featured Products

Featured Products 3 is the next generation of the Featured Products extension. Thus the previous versions (Featured Products 1.x and 2.x) won’t be further developed to support the newest Magento versions.

Most online stores have a section named ‘featured products’. Your challenge is to make this section truly stand out and get the desired impact. Towards that end, Featured Products is a must-have Magento module for your store...

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Gift Registry for Magento

This extension allows your customers to create and manage gift registries that would let their guests know what they would like to get for any special occasion. Your benefit in this case is great: with gift registries your customers will bring all their friends to shop for gifts in your online store!

Full list of features is available at the product page, please see the link below

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Custom Price Magento Extension

Custom Price Magento extension allows creating products with price editable by customer either on the product page or in the cart. You can set minimal allowed custom price.

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Sweet Tooth Points and Rewards Extension for Magento

Sweet Tooth is an open-source customer loyalty points and rewards system for the Magento e-commerce platform. Sweet Tooth will give you the power to reward your customers for buying products and interacting with your store(s).

Sweet Tooth is the most robust Magento extension on the market because it gives you an unlimited number of ways to reward your customers for their good behavior and/or for buying your products.

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Recommendation Service for Magento

epoq offers an intelligent, self-learning Recommendation Service (RS) for web shops that increase sales by up to 15% through efficient management of cross selling, increase of conversion rates and increased customer satisfaction. The quick and easy integration of epoq RS makes your Magento Online-Shop sell more within a short time. It is not necessary to upload and update your product data and there is no need to connect epoq RS t...

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Gift Items for Magento

Our gift certificate Magento extension provides support for allowing your customers to purchase customizable gift certificates. This Magento module is the most logical way of tracking gift certificates and redemptions without the need for Magento’s costly Enterprise Edition.

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