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Collection of Magento Shopping Cart plugins aimed at enahcing the current cart/basket system of Magento
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Vehicle Fits (year/make/model)
If you sell spare parts, automotive performance parts, wheels, tires, truck grilles, printer cartridges, or any other gargantuan spare parts market, you can benefit from using our make/model search. When faced with too many choices customers will face choice paralysis. Your customers expect a way to be able to search by make/model/year. How our software benefits you: * Improves catalog navigability & orthogonality * Decrease customer churn * Make shopping enjoyable for customer * Save you time * Target new search engine keywords Who Are We & What Do We Do? Ne8, llc based out Florida, USA sells software to effectively catalog your most valuable automotive or aftermarket catalog data. We offer a search engine for your ecommerce store with chained select boxes. Our software manages billions of application fitments globally.
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Results 81-81 of 81