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DotNet Video Chat

FlashComs DotNet Video Chat is positioned to be the most innovative and feature-rich application among flash based solutions. It's truly robust yet lightweight chat solutions in line with the latest multimedia standards. Video/audio options as well as basic text chatting provide real time communication experience to website members. Such features like multi-room, flexible video window positioning, personal settings, friend/block lists, complete i...

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ASP / Ajax chat messenger - flicker free

A cool little messenger / private chat system for websites - let your community users enjoy realtime privat chats.

The script uses classic ASP, MySQL and Ajax coding.

When receiving a message a little flashing envelope is shown, click the envelope and start chatting. It can with a little programming knowledge be added to your exisiting website within minutes.

The chat system is flicker free (with no an...

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SMS Chat Script

SMS Chat script is the ultimate solution to start your highly profitable business by offering free sms and paid sms to your users and earn money at the same time!. You can send sms from web and can receive sms from their friends. This is a complete sms chat script

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Chat Live with Multiple Customers

Multiuser live chat software helps those companies who want to expand their business online and give full technical support to their customers or clients. This software enables visitors to communicate with your technical support staff or sales person and solve their queries about products. This ASP based script enables you to save all telephone bills or call centers cost which are waste due to conversation with buyers. This application establishe...

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Ajax Simple ASP chat Software website

This chat is fast and uses less resources best for the people using less bandwidth. We tried to make it more simple so that you can simply setup and your visitors can come back to your site just to use simple chat. Simple chat options like smiles , font and color option is added. Private chat is also added with same features as room. Its Real time chat which you can customize easily with your own look and icons. Are you looking for a custom made

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ASP Chat Script Source Code

Download proactive web based ASP PHP live customer support chat script provides complete business solutions technical information to webmasters site visitors clients, reduce service costs and improve productivity. Software is low-cost easy to set up, user friendly offers online help real time communication offline messages meetings conversation interaction conferences between customers and administrator with secure quick and dedicated connection.

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Tjubang ASP Chat Script

Unique and flicker free chat system, written in Active Server Pages.

Key features are:

- Password protected admin features.
- Smiley icons, can be turned on/off by chat user.
- Private messages, can be turned on/off by chat user.
- Auto login with cookies.
- Change chat layout real time by chat user.
- Ignore function controlled by chat user.
- Multiple chat roo...

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Free Chat Script!

In order to use the chat script, you will need to have (1) Active server pages must be available in your server to use this script. (2) Create the following pages and save them to your server. (3) The system includes a form and a response file. Both may be customized. (4) Please do not remove the link to our site in "chatopinions.asp" file.

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Live support chat software

Live support helps you increase you sales and increase your customer confidence on your services.Real time live support chat with your customers will give your company a great boost.Chat with your client on real time , admin can add unlimited department and operators. Operator will be notified when new chat request has been made. fast and easy to use works with low bandwidth.

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Ajax Chat Room with private chat

Ajax Chat Room with private chat It is fast and flicker less. You will get full source code and can modify as you like.

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ThisIWant Chatroom

Chatroom A simple yet functional Chatroom. It's easy to install and use. It supports large number of users. Features allow users to chat freely with other users in real time. Users can also send private messages to other users.

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Toxiclab Asp Shoutbox

Toxiclab Asp Shoutbox is a free simple shoutbox script written in Asp. It uses a Ms Access database to store messages. The script is made to be easily customized.

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Free Internet telephony made easy! Add VoIP in your Chat or Website!

conaito VoIP ActiveX SDK for developers of VoIP audio applications and webpages - Now new: Mic Boost, Encryption Voice & Text, Voice Conference Recording (WAV), VAD (Voice Activity Detection)

conaito VoIP ActiveX library for developers of VoIP audio applications, such as voice chat, conference, VoIP, providing real-time low latency multi-client audio streaming over UDP/IP networks. Includes efficient components for sound recording...

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Free Chat Rooms of Six Types with 1000 of Visitors Already.

Just visit the page, copy the code and paste it where you want to start chatting. Its free of cost with Thousands of Visitors every time.
Its easy and valuable for your visitors.
Check out today.

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MaxWebPortal Chat Module/Component

With the chat module/component for MaxWebPortal, website get a live chatroom with MaxWebPartol database fully integrated. Once logged in MaxWebPortal, user don't have to enter username or password again to access chat.
123 Flash Chat server software is full-featured and high-performance Java chat server plus amazing Flash chat client, it's $299 initially.

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Gchats 3d Virtual Chat

Innovated 3d web-based flash chat and messenger virtual world for your website.Our clientele will be able to add customized environments or select from our templates.

Features :

- Private and Public Messaging
- Moderator options and ability to define mods
- Unlimited/Limited room capacity allowance
- Confirmation friends list and ignore option
- Customized Avatars and Customized envir...

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SpitOutBox is a very easy to use ASP script that serves as a guestbook/chat. Visitors at your site can quickly and easily leave a greeting or have small conversations. No database required. Anti spam function.
Including full installation/configuration manual.

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Maxtricity Tagger

The Maxtricity Tagger is a small ASP script that includes 3 pages for use, an Access Database for data storage, and a folder of smiley images. With this script, users can post small messages on your website for other users to read and respond to. It includes an admin section to edit and delete messages. It is very easy to integrate into an existing user or admin system. Hope you enjoy it!

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FlyLip Wesbsite Chat

All ASP & HTML coding, no ActiveX or Java, Supports in chat private messaging, Customizable logo and page titles,Bad word filter, User formatting of comments (bold, underline, italic, color) and Emoticons.

Full source code included, No complex coding required, Simple setup, Requires IE 5.0, NS 6, Mozilla 1.4 or higher browsers

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The Internet Now's MyShoutBox

A free ASP MyShoutBox supplied free of charge, complete with ASP code and databases. The MyShoutBox will be updated on a regular basis. The MyShoutBox is also xHTML and CSS compliant.

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