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  • FTLS Random Image Displayer

    Random Image Displayer is a simple script which displays a random image or background on your Web page.
  • Matt Wright's Random Image Displayer

    Random Image Displayer allows you to set up a list of images and then randomly display them as inlined images or background images. Called from a normal image tag, no Server Side Includes are necessary.
  • Random Link

    Random Link is a simple script that randomly selects a link from a set of pre-selected links and sends you to the link location.
  • csRandomText

    csRandomText is a content management system for displaying blocks of text/html in random order, in true order, or refreshed every 'n' days. Admin page allows you to create multiple instances of text blocks. Update the various text blocks from one loc...
  • Image Randomizer

    This is a simple Perl script for displaying a random image. You can select the image's alignment, define its width and height, and specify whether or not to include the image's ALT text.
  • RandoThumb

    RandoThumb allows you to dislay a set of thumbnails (any number of thumbs) on a webpage and have the same thumbs display each time but in different orders each page view. This can give the impression of the page being updated or Fresh to surfers givi...
  • RandoMage

    Randomage is a random image generator. It supports 3 graphics types; .png, .gif, and .jpg. It finds a random image from your pics directory, figures out what type it is, prints the content header based on that type, and then displays the picture. All...
  • RandLink

    This is a super fast, easy to setup and even easier to use random link generator. People click on the link on your webpages and get sent to random sites that are culled from a database you create and build. Very good way to boost your sites visitor i...
  • RandCrack

    This will spit out random wisecracks, quotes, or whatever you want it to anywhere in your html files that you wish it to display. ...
  • Pic of the Day

    This Picture Of The Day (POTD) script allows you to automatically display a new picture everyday without any uploading or editing of HTML pages.