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3D Rotating Tag Cloud

Display your most pouplar tags in style with the right weight for each tag using this 3D component that saves valuable space without compromising functionality.

Full Flex source included.

Usable from Flash and HTML. 3 precompiled SWF's are included for immediate use from HTML or Flash - Red, Green and Blue color schemes against a black background as displayed in the preview.

Changing style and backgro...

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Price: USD 12.00

Custom Flex Sliders

Just some Custom Sliders for Your Projects.
The Sliders are skinned programmatically with Actionscript 3.
Please Let me know if You have any questions,
Hope You will find these usefull for ,Volume Sliders,etc.

The Top Right Slider is the Volume,and The Bottom Slider sync's with the VideoDisplay Playhead.

The Video Functionality is not Included,in this App. I just included it in the Preview,so You...

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Price: USD 5.00

Flex Dynamic Chart Data Creation

This component servce to demonstrate how to filter information to be displayed in a chart.

Through a collection of data the User can define a report with certain records, removing unnecessary records for the same.

The codiigos is simple and easy to adapt, does not require external libraries or advanced knowledge to implement it.

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Price: USD 15.00

Flex 4 XML Editor in AIR

Now You can edit the XML in Your Applications with ease. Right From your Desktop!

1.)TreeView of all of Your XML nodes.
2.)Add New Attributes,Name,Value
3.)Add New Nodes
4.)Save when done editing!

Of Course,, Full source for this application is available upon purchase.

Please let us know If You have any Questions,or Issues,
We will be Glad to Help.

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Price: USD 17.00

Flex XML Video Gallery

This is a fully customizable flex video gallery. User can add more categories and their respective videos through xml. It is very easy to customize and use.

Full Source Code Included.

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Price: USD 12.00

Theme Flex XML MP3 Player

This is a Customize theme mp3 player. user can add themes to the xml and display to the player easily. And this application is full xml based. So user can customize easily.

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Price: USD 8.00

Flex PHP Form V2

Professional Flex PHP Quote form,You can easily modify the form to Your Specifications.
The PHP Code is Also Accessable to chage based on Your Specifications.
This is an Easy way to add Form Functionality into Your Flex Application.

This will show You how to interact with PHP using Flex.
It will show You how to work with States,and Validation in Flex.
It also has a resize effect that You can change to Yo...

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Price: USD 5.00

Flex XML Image Grid With Effect

A Flex 3.0 Image Grid with Image Masking.
Just a Basic Way to Show You how You can layout Your Flex Application with XML,
Very Easy to understand,and see what has been done to accomplish this task.

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Price: USD 2.00

Flex XML News Application

This is a Custom Flex XML News Application. user can add more news of their choice and show in the application. user can change the look of the application as well. So if you are looking for a nice News Application then this is for you.

Full sources upon download.

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Price: USD 5.00

Flex XML MP3 Portal With iTunes

Professional Flex XML MP3 Audio Player Jukebox Made with Flex 3.0,Has support for Album Art,and a Buy on iTunes Link.

Showcase Your Music,and allow Your Visitors to Pucrhase Tracks from Your Flex XML Audio Portal.
Easily add Your Album art,and More.
Very simple to use,setup,and skin.

* Unlimited Tracks
* XML Driver
* Skinnable
* Resizeable
* Very E...

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Price: USD 12.00

AIR Web Browser with Tab Suport

RIABox is an AIR WebBrowser with Tab suport, like firefox. This application is tested on Windows, Linux and Mac and its done perfectly.

Its very simple application but is very cool to use.

Full Source Code Included

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Views: 175

Price: USD 30.00

AIRRotas - Google Maps API integration to locate a place or trace routes

This Application is a route tracer, is integrated with the Google Maps API and work as an GoogleMaps on the Desktop. Is very complete and test if the client is connect on the Internet or not.

- The AIRRotas required AIR Runtime 2 BETA and suport Windows, Linux and Mac.
- The AIRRotas required that you create an account and get the APIKeyMap.

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Price: USD 20.00

Flex LastFM API Mp3 Player with Album Detail

This application is used to Play some mp3 file and get automate album and song information using lastFM public API.
It's very util and simple to customize.

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Price: USD 10.00

Master Detail Crud Flex Component

This component is a Master Detail Crud Component. This component contains two files, CrudMasterDetail and CrudDetail, the CrudMasterDetail Component the developer set a Collection Data and inside of the component, can create a DataGrid to show this data. At the Crud Detail you can create a form to show and handler data from Datagrid Click.

The Master Detail Crud Component not automate this process, the objective is show you how can...

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Price: USD 6.00

Currency Converter Widget (Flex)

Are you looking for a widget which can convert currency exchange rates for your web site or blog.

You can have a look at this widget.

Special Features:
- Latest conversion rates which are daily updated.
- The component displays the rates rounded to four decimal points.
- 34 currencies in all.
- Three in-built styles (red, blue and green)
- There is no need to edit in Flex if jus...

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Price: USD 7.00

Flex Paypal Shopping Cart (XML Based)

The Shop is complete solution for online shopping.
It is XML based.
It is integrated with PayPal express checkout.
Some of the special features are listed below:
Special Features

* A great looking and soothing layout and design
* Integrated Search
* Integrated paypal express checkout
* Number of items displayed on one page can be changed from xml
* After pa...

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Price: USD 17.00

Vista Flip Display for Flex

Portfolio or image viewer with a new and slightly different 3D layout similar to Vista window docking. Can contain images, swf objects or other Flex containers.

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Price: USD 9.00

Vertical Coverflow

A coverflow with a vertical layout, nicely arranged like a stylish deck of cards. Perfect for images and slideshows, but can also hold any flex container.

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Views: 261

Price: USD 9.00

3D Coverflow

A 3D Coverflow with nice motion effects. Very good display for your images and portfolio. XML datasource capable.

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Views: 89

Price: USD 7.00

3D Rotating Carousel Display

A rotating 3D Carousel that supports images, swfs or any Flex container. Stylish and sophisticated UI component saves screen display space and is extremely user interactive with nice motion effects.

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Views: 217

Price: USD 9.00