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Image Gallery Extension for Magento by FME
Magento Photo Gallery extension has been developed by FMEExtensions.
PriceUSD 69.99
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FME One Step Checkout
Not only is it vital to have a website that is enjoyable to use but keeping your checkout process convenient and precise significantly affects your potential customers. With just few clicks, this sound and stable extension lets your customers happily make
PriceUSD 85.00
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Shop By Brands/Manufacturer
Shop by Manufacturers Extension enables you to Manage Manufacturers easily from Admin panel, present them in your store and link to them from product pages, thus making it easier for your customers to browse and shop by specific Manufacturers.
PriceUSD 52.00
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Link Exchange Directory Pro
posted byFMEextensionsinSEO
Are you looking for a very cost-effective and efficient strategy for online marketing using Magento? Then FME’s Link Exchange extension does provide you a solution. Link exchange has never been so powerful and easier than what this extension provides.
PriceUSD 119.00
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CSV Based Pricing Magento 2 Extension
CSV based Pricing Magento Extension provides table or matrix based pricing for stores selling blinds, windows, flooring, wall paper or coverings using Magento. Able to Upload a CSV for every product
PriceUSD 299.00
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Advance Testimonials
Advance Testimonials (2.0) Customers' Testimonials are the key elements that push your website visitors to become your customer. FME's extension "Advance Testimonials" is a tool that convinces your website visitors on credibility of your products.
PriceUSD 59.00
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Advance FAQ Management
FME Advance FAQ Management is easy to manage FAQ extension that enables you to create Categories/Topics for FAQ from the backend and then enter FAQ under them.
PriceUSD 59.00
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With the FME’s M-Ajax extension, customers will bypass the default tedious login method. Now they can login or create a new account while staying on the same page.
PriceUSD 65.00
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Open Jobs Manager
FME Jobs Manager lets you manage all job postings from Magento admin. Create Departments, locations job types and let the front end users sort by them. Let visitors apply for open jobs and Admin can manage applications from magento admin.
PriceUSD 149.00
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Ajax Catalog Pro
Loads More Products through Ajax! Its aim is to make the user experience as smooth as possible. Let your customers find the products they are looking for quick and Easy.
PriceUSD 79.00
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Custom Stock Labels
Keep your customers updated with the status of your products. Able to set Custom Stock Label from the backend by configuring countless rules based on powerful and easy to set conditions.
PriceUSD 99.00
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Events Manager
Events Manager Magento Extension- Create Events and add images, youtube, Google Map, Sell Tickets - FME Magento Module
PriceUSD 59.00
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Invoice Email
Invoice Email Magento Extension- Specify a different email for invoices duing checkout - FME Magento Module
PriceUSD 49.00
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Google Maps-Store Locator
Magento Google Maps-Store Locator helps you find a physical store closest to you current location. Get Direction to the store you are looking for.
PriceUSD 49.00
(0 ratings)
Additional Checkout Attributes
Add as many custom fields as you would like to Magento’s default checkout. It supports multiple input types for additional checkout attributes such as Check box, Radio Button, Text area, Date and many more with freedom to position them anywhere
PriceUSD 89.00
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FME Home Tabs
Home page tabs magento extension is a Revenue Driver displaying product in the following tabs ..Recently Reviewed, Mostly Reviewed, Highly Ranked, Recently Introduced, Best Sellers, Featured Products, Custom Tab, Static Block, top in wishlist.
PriceUSD 99.99
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FAQ + Product Questions
FAQs + Product Questions extension provides a much more productive solution. Any question posted by customers will be displayed on the product’s page along with their answers.
PriceUSD 82.99
(0 ratings)
Background Images
Make your site lively with the help of custom background images for any page such as category, product, home page or any other CMS page.
PriceUSD 49.00
(0 ratings)
Previous Next Products
Previous Next Magento plugin eliminates the frustration caused by page reloads when customers try to navigate to different products.
PriceUSD 69.99
(0 ratings)
Found a Lower Price? Tell Us
Pricing is the key factor contributing to your product’s selling and dominating the market. FME’s “Found a lower price? Tell us!”
PriceUSD 75.99
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