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Magento Abandoned Cart Email Reminder Module
This FME plug-in permits you to follow up with those customers who have abandoned their carts. It allows you to send them reminder emails containing a link that restore their abandoned carts.
PriceUSD 79.99
(0 ratings)
FME's Custom Checkout fields Module
Magento Customize Checkout Plug-in Has developed by FMEExtensions. This Custom Checkout Plug-in allows you obtain the essential data directly from your merchants in an easy way
PriceUSD 89.00
(0 ratings)
Magento Product Questions Module by FMEExtensions
FMEExtensions presents Product Question Plug-in for Magento.This Product Questions Answers Module can extensively increase customer’s inspection by given them ability to ask question about product pages.
PriceUSD 82.99
(0 ratings)
FMEExtensions’ Magento cost price Extension
This Magento cost price module updates the price of product on your e-store based on cost plus markup formula.
PriceUSD 139.99
(0 ratings)
FME's Refer a Friend Plug-in For Magento
FMEExtensions offers Magento Refer a Friend Module which allows you to encourage customers to bring more customers through a marketing campaign and get a reward.
PriceUSD 99.99
(0 ratings)
Magento GEO IP Block Module by FME
Magento GEO IP Block Module by FME helps you in protecting your website by blocking IP’s of different countries or region
PriceUSD 189.00
(0 ratings)
FME’s Product Finder Plug-in for Magento
FME’s Product Finder Plug-in for Magento provides advance search options to save precious time of your customers in finding some thing on your web store
PriceUSD 89.99
(0 ratings)
Layaway Payments Module for Magento by FMEExtensions
FME's Layaway Payment module allows Magento Store owner to sell goods on installments and increase their sales.
PriceUSD 289.00
(0 ratings)
FME’s Image Extension For Magento
FME’s Image Extension is a complete Module for Magento Store owners. This Photo Album Plug-in provides all essential needs demanded by Gallery Module for Web stores
PriceUSD 69.99
(0 ratings)
Magento Store Locator Module by FME
Magento Store Locator Module by FME allows you to display your customers to get the direction of nearest store.
PriceUSD 99.99
(0 ratings)
Magento Ajax Cart Module by FMEExtensions
Magento Ajax Cart extension allows your customers to add, edit and delete products on cart without of page reload.
PriceUSD 89.00
(0 ratings)
Magento Blog Extension By FME
Magento Blog Extension By FME allows you to build a stylish blog on your website.
PriceUSD 99.99
(0 ratings)
Magento Video Extension
Magento Video Extension by FME allows you to create landing page for videos and images on magento store and show them in different tabs.
PriceUSD 85.99
(0 ratings)
Hire Magento Developer For E-commerce Solutions
Hire Magento developers from FME to Magento store customaization.
PriceUSD 35.00
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