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JEvent Calendar
(Plugins / Joomla / Mambo Modules)

JEvent Calendar is a package that allows you to view a list of upcoming events

0.00 0 12 01/23/2015

Joomla Paypal Subscriptions
(Plugins / Joomla / Mambo Modules)

PayPal Subscriptions is the way to automate PaypPal subscriptions on your site.

0.00 0 23 02/09/2015

(Plugins / Joomla / Mambo Modules)

Share information in an elegant, fast approach with JQuickLinks.

0.00 0 12 02/11/2015

(Plugins / Joomla / Mambo Modules)

JS-Presenter allows you to combine text, images, colors, flash movies to create a new sliding effect that will make the most of your content.

0.00 0 10 02/26/2015

(Plugins / Joomla / Mambo Modules)

J-Accordion is a fully customizable Joomla module that lets you create a flash joomla accordion on your website.

0.00 0 53 03/09/2015

Login Popup by ExtStore
(Plugins / Joomla / Mambo Modules)

Login Popup by ExtStore is a lightweight and dynamic plugin for Joomla 3.x that facilitates users by showing login popup instead of opening a new window whenever users click in a certain HTML (DOM) element.

0.00 0 65 07/17/2015

Script Remover
(Plugins / Joomla / Mambo Modules)

Script Remover is a system plugin of Joomla 2.5+ that is able to load jQuery javascript library. The plugin removes unwanted scripts that conflict with other scripts and make your website run incorrectly.

0.00 0 34 07/17/2015

Joomla Social Tabs Module
(Plugins / Joomla / Mambo Modules)

Powerful Joomla Social Tabs Module combines social networks profiles and unlimited feeds display into slick slide out. This module can be applied at both side of web page (right and left).

0.00 0 15 03/30/2015

One Page Checkout For Virtuemart AddOnsPro
(Plugins / Joomla / Mambo Modules)

One Page Checkout For Virtuemart AddOnsPro Make it super fast for customers to purchase with your store. Create special pages where customers can choose products, checkout & pay all on the one page!

0.00 0 9 04/13/2015

EQ Social Connect Joomla Extension
(Plugins / Joomla / Mambo Modules)

Social Connect Joomla extension simplifies the authentication of your visitors on your JOOMLA site. With this JOOMLA module, your visitors can identify with their Facebook, Google, Twitter, or LinkedIn account.

0.00 0 13 05/01/2015

EQ Youtube Channel Joomla Extension
(Plugins / Joomla / Mambo Modules)

YouTube Channel is a Joomla extension which feature is the inclusion of YouTube videos on your site. By adding this JOOMLA module on your site you can insert a video slot allowing your visitors to watch them directly!

0.00 0 12 05/02/2015

EQ Facebook Page Joomla Extension
(Plugins / Joomla / Mambo Modules)

To ensure your influence on social networks, you need a community. But you also need to feed and interest it. This will be done with this JOOMLA extension!

0.00 0 4 05/02/2015

EQ Social Buttons Joomla Extension
(Plugins / Joomla / Mambo Modules)

One module to enable sharing, as a link, a content from your joomla website on the socials networks delicious, digg, facebook, google, twitter, linkedin, stumbleupon or technorati!

0.00 0 5 05/02/2015

EQ Youtube EN Joomla Extension
(Plugins / Joomla / Mambo Modules)

YouTube is a functionality that inserts a YouTube video on your Joomla website, a video chosen by your care.

0.00 0 6 05/02/2015

Store Manager For VirtueMart Extension
(Plugins / Joomla / Mambo Modules)

Store Manager for VirtueMart is an advanced eCommerce solution that will maximize data management and help store owners build customer-oriented shop

0.00 0 8 05/11/2015

EQ FaceBook Friends Joomla Extension
(Plugins / Joomla / Mambo Modules)

The FB Friends module displays some profil thumbnails and names of those who like your facebook page among your visitor's friends.

0.00 0 12 05/11/2015

EQ Event Calendar Joomla Extension
(Plugins / Joomla / Mambo Modules)

Want to post your events on your site? EQ Event Calendar is an extension designed for it. This pack allows you to view a list of upcoming events.

0.00 0 7 05/11/2015

HD Video Share
(Plugins / Joomla / Mambo Modules)

HD Video Share plugin from Apptha is a video player module which can be used to create a video sharing website

0.00 0 17 06/02/2015

Light a Candle (In Memoriam)
(Plugins / Joomla / Mambo Modules)

Light a candle and pray for a loved one, for a cause, or for yourself.

0.00 0 63 06/13/2015

Demo Toolbar
(Plugins / Joomla / Mambo Modules)

ExtStore Demo Toolbar is a responsive Joomla component for Joomla 3 that serves to build your own flexible and dynamic demo view for products. This component is totally responsive, which means that it adapts to a wide range of viewing environments such as

0.00 0 19 07/16/2015

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