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Moodle is a course management system for producing high-quality Internet-based courses that promote connected knowing and meaningful collaboration. This Open Source application offers a Free alternative to commercial software such as WebCT and Blackb...

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Added On: Mon, 19th August 2002

PG Online Training Solution

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Create your original training programs and courses, design tests, award certificates with the help of Online Training Solution. It is a good and easy way to optimize your teaching process and get profit with thousands of students online. It provides ...

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Added On: Thu, 29th January 2004


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Dokeos is an Open Source elearning and course management web application translated in 34 languages and helping more than 1.000 organisations worldwide to manage learning and collaboration activities.

Dokeos is extremely scalable than...

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Added On: Mon, 2nd January 2006

TCExam - Computer-Based Assessment

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TCExam is a Computer Based Assessment (CBA) software system (also know as CBT - Computer Based Testing or e-exam) that enables educators and trainers to author, schedule, deliver, and report on surveys, quizzes, tests and exams.


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Added On: Sat, 16th April 2005


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RosarioSIS is a free Student Information System designed for school management. It offers 10 modules to manage schools, teachers, students, their schedules, attendance, grades, discipline, billing. Printable report cards, reports and statistics will ...

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Added On: Wed, 17th September 2014


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Simply you can get online "education". With animations and videos, you can learn any subject better. And also you can interact with teachers or other students at real time or send email.

This project is simple and has easy usage, and ...

Rated 2.82 out of 5

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Added On: Tue, 27th July 2010

ATutor: Learning Management System

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ATutor is an Open Source Web-based Learning Content Management System (LCMS) designed with accessibility and adaptability in mind. Administrators can install or update ATutor in minutes, and develop custom templates to give ATutor a new look. Educato...

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Added On: Mon, 19th May 2003

Online Training Center Manager

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OTCM is an application generated by AppGini that offers you a feature rich and user friendly training center database application. It assists you in tracking your trainees, Instructors, courses and labs. You can easily customize the application to ad...

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Added On: Thu, 27th February 2014


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PhpMyLibrary is a PHP/MySQL Web based library automation application. The program consists of cataloging (for handling adding/editing/deleting/searching of materials), circulation (so the librarian can handle user related management items), and the w...

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Added On: Thu, 13th December 2001


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NeDictionary is a dependable online dictionary that translates words from English to English. It contains millions of words. NeDictionary is no different than a regular dictionary that you hold in your hand. The different is that it is much easier an...

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Added On: Mon, 24th June 2002


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Scripture is a fully-featured (PHP) online and Mobile study application. It allows users to read, interact and study the Bible using many unique tools. - - -Crossplatform Biblestudy - Scripture Matters

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Added On: Mon, 29th August 2011


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This is a PHP/MySQL based script to automate the task of Notes publishing, Assignments, Notifications etc. Teachers and Students can interact and exchange comments over notes, students can submit assignments, teacher can notify students or entire cla...

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Added On: Fri, 30th April 2010

Graph grid generator

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This simple script allows to generated graph grids of selected dimensions with up to 8 different grid backgrounds. They may be copied and included in other documents, as for example within homework pages for students.

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Added On: Sat, 15th January 2011


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You can use this software in a browser. It's done in php, javascript and html, so you need a php server to use it. You needn't SQL database, so it's practical. Simulangue creates school record cards. You create your own school record cards. You can o...

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Added On: Fri, 13th July 2012

School Software PHP Free

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ScriptsPHPSoftware & ToolsSoftware

It is best school management software also known as school erp available for all type of schools. It is available wit...

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Added On: Sat, 23rd January 2016

Progress Report Manager v. 2.1

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The Progress Report Manager was built to alleviate problems experienced with traditional school Progress Reports. Using the Internet, administrators create Progress Reports that are automatically sent via email. Every week, teachers receive a message...

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Added On: Fri, 29th October 2004


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Added On: Thu, 3rd January 2013

Spry Flash Cards

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Spry Flash Cards are designed for students, parents and anyone else needing to learn or teach basic mathematics. Teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication & division, using rapid-fire, randomly generated problems.

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Added On: Tue, 29th January 2002


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PHPExam is online examination management sytem. Features: student and staff management evaluation and analysis of tests.

Being ported to Flash client system, volanteers can mail me at nellainet at yahoo dot com

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Added On: Mon, 1st April 2002

SchoolMation Update 2.1

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SchoolMation is an easy-to-use web-based education management solution that is designed to foster communication between students, parents, teachers and administrators. SchoolMation, used daily by schools in over 60 countries for the past 5 years, emp...

Rated 3.92 out of 5

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Added On: Fri, 9th March 2001