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Errorism PHP Software

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Errorism is a frontend error management system coded in PHP and does not uses any type of Database. Errorism manages 404, 401, 403, 500, etc. frontend errors. The key feature of Errorism is that it fits everywhere in any type of existing/pre-installed software and also has theme changable system, i.e. it helps in creating full dynamic and customized error pages in html. Errorism's error management engine has a feature 'custom error Constructor' that helps in constructing custom errors while the error isn't even provided by Errorism. This gives Errorism the ability to create infinite error pages. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit

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Added On: Sun, 8th June 2014

404 Auto Suggestion Error Page with Admin Panel

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404 Auto Suggestion Error Page take any invalid url request and give a suggestion of a valid url, similar with Google “Did you mean” suggestion. Features - Prevent traffic lost. - Very easy and straight forward to implement. - Support url with GET parameter (e.g. - Give your visitor an automatic suggestion of similar url. - Using Levenshtein Algorithm to create a suggestion. - Suggested page based on valid page database. - Valid page will be added to database automatically. - You are able to manage any suggestions given based on incoming request. - You can make the error page autoredirected to a valid page. - You are able to manage any valid page in the admin panel. - Find out which invalid url with the most traffic in the admin panel. - Create your own 404 page and style.

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Added On: Fri, 28th February 2014

Data Validator

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PHP library for data validation based on rules Supports following validation orders: sequence, all-at-once and mix of them (using dependencies model) Can embed different user-defined validation rules libraries (default built-in library is provided)

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Added On: Fri, 30th November 2012

404 Catcher PHP Scripting

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404 Catcher is a free php script will alert you via email if someone encounters a 404 page missing error on your web site. This easy to install script can be a very useful tool on sites where digging through analytics is not a daily event or when major site updates are being made and you are redirecting old pages to new....

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Added On: Mon, 27th February 2012

Error - Processor

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Error - Processor is an advanced HTTP error handling program. It allows you to track and manage many error codes. You can view all pertinent information about the error codes to help you correct any issues they indicate. Supported codes: 400 - Bad Request 401 - Unauthorized 403 - Forbidden 404 - Not Found 500 - Internal Server Error Error - Processor allows you to track the details of the error code. This includes the following information: Requested Page Referral URL Client data: IP Address Browser Operating System Remote Port Date and Time error occurred Have you ever wanted a custom error page that matches your site? Then Error - Processor is right for you! Our system allows you to easily create a custom error page to meet your needs.

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Added On: Sat, 14th January 2012

Analog PHP

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A short and simple logging package for PHP 5.3+ based around the idea of using closures for configurability and extensibility. It functions as a static class, but you can completely control the handling of log messages through closures (aka anonymous functions), and it also comes with a dozen pre-written handlers. Analog is well-documented, with examples for each type of log handler, and ultra-concise. The core is literally only 43 lines of clear, non-obfuscated code, and the whole is only a fraction of the size of comparable packages (for example, 293 total lines vs 1021 for Monolog).

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Added On: Sun, 8th January 2012

Moos Validation

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This package can be used to validate submitted form values according to rules. The is a base class that can take a definition of validation rules and error messages and checks submitted form values to determine wether the submitted values satisfy the validation rules. Currently the base class supports validating value text length, date format, non-empty passwords, e-mail addresses, numbers, URLs and IP addresses. There is also a sub-class that provides support for additional rules for validating types of values used in Brazil like CEP, CPF, CNPJ, phone numbers, dates and user names.

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Added On: Tue, 24th August 2010

Share Source Code With Ease - CodeHave Script

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CodeHave is a sleek, easy-to-use script that allows developers to share code to anyone with a simple link. It provides features for password protection for valuable source code, and it's as simple as copying and pasting your code into a box.

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Added On: Sat, 10th April 2010

PHP ErrorLog Script

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Errorlog PHP Script is a simple script to write errors to a table to let. The errors may be found in an admin area and Notfal also be deleted. The script starts at the table when 150 new entries in the table. It will need to create a table in the database, the script creates them automatically. It mus be adjusted only the config.php and away you go. Needs a mysql Database!

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Added On: Fri, 5th February 2010


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human and bots friendly 404 not found error which return soft 404 for many known browsers and return hard 404 for all others and tell search engine bots not to index the error page

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Added On: Sun, 22nd November 2009

PHP Error logger

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This way it’s easieer for you to detect problemens in a website/application and solve them. And your visitors won’t be bothered with ugly error messages.

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Added On: Mon, 2nd November 2009

Error Management

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The add_error page is used to report an error message. The person who reports the error has the option of reporting the error to one or more developers. The list_error.php files is used to list error reports in a certain order. The error reports are ordered by date,error fixed and error severity. The edit_error.php page is used by the person who fixes the error. The user has to mention among other options, the cause,solution of error,whether the error was a browser issue, the description of the error, the error category etc. Error descriptions may be added manually. These are stored in the database. The user may also specify whether the site (on which the error occured), is owned by the group of developers or not. The search_error.php page allows users to search for error reports using various criteria, such as the reported between time, time taken to fix error,error severity,error category etc.

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Added On: Wed, 22nd August 2007

Link Checker

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Link checker to help get rid of any dead links on your web pages. Coded in PHP.

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Added On: Wed, 25th October 2006

Error System

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This set of scriptlets allows you to have both customised Apache error pages and the opportunity to be notified, by email, when an error occurs on your site. When site visitors arrive at an error page, they have the option of notifying you by selecting a single link on the generated error page. The system then sends you an automatically generated email with all of the relevant information you need to start tracking down any real errors - such as the urls of broken links etc.

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Added On: Thu, 13th July 2006

GaMerZ error_log Cleaner

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Scan and delete error_log file on your web server. error_log is generated by PHP is there is any errors encountered.

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Added On: Tue, 14th March 2006

Simple Errors

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Simple Errors is a simple error logger. It replaces the default Apache error handler with your own. Customizable output page to suit your own needs. Even logs and/or emails you when an error occurs! Can add new error codes easily, using the flat file database.

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Added On: Tue, 20th July 2004

validate string

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I wrote this function to intercept strings that would not make good user names due to the presence of invalid url characters. If the string contains no invalid characters, the function returns true, if it does, it either returns false or a formatted string containing all the invalid characters.

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Added On: Mon, 14th June 2004


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The way it works is providing several report formats of error catching: logging, display and redirection to a customizable error page. ErrorHandler captures the errors and captures (to a customized level) the context and variables surrounding the source of the error and neatly organizes them as a series of reports. It helps when developing new scripts and monitoring sites in production state, too. It helps when developing new scripts and monitoring sites in production state, too.

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Added On: Fri, 30th August 2002


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We've all seen the ugly and uninformative Page Not Found error when a page no longer exists. This script was made in order to make error documents more informative and attractive for both the user and the webmaster. The messages, colors, and images are all customizable. It has languages support and works with register_globals=off. Additionally, it can log and/or e-mail an error when it occurs letting you know immediately if something is wrong on your site.

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Added On: Tue, 1st January 2002

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